Far Left Awarded Nobel Prize

9 10 2009
Obama practicing for the Nobel Piece Prize.

Obama practicing for the Nobel Piece Prize.

If Obama is so deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize, then why did he avoid meeting with the Dalai Lama last week?

Earlier today I posted about my disgust with the Nobel Committee awarding the Peace Prize to “Obama the Incompetent One”, so I won’t beat that dead-horse too much. But having just come from The HuffPo, you would think that the prize was also given to those on the far left because they were smart enough to vote for “Obama the Incompetent One”.

With that in mind, I copied a double-handful of their comments for your entertainment and derision. These comments prove what we have been saying for a long time… Liberalism Is A Disease!


My comments in blue. Enjoy…

Is this really a surprise? Yes!

Obama has done things and has dramatically in a very short period of time change how the world. “Done things? LOL”.
The meltdown of these luna.tics is so very intense…. where are we going to put all of them when they pass out?
Why do wingers despise their country so much? Why do lefties lie so much?
I am saddened by so many whose views are short-sighted regarding Obama winning the Peace Prize. Though he has only been in office for 9 months, Obama has ACCOMPLISHED things that embody what the prize is all about. There’s that word again… “Things”?

Doubling the ammount of troops in afghanistan is NOT PEACEFUL. That depends on which side you are on.
So far I’ve seen two Republican’s heads just e.x.pl.o.de! Dog sh.!t went everywhere. And I’m sure he will put it up on YouTube.
The prize was awarded for the expectations of what he’s destined to accomplish, not necessarily because of what he has already.
We’re back! I’m going to help our uneducated brothers on the left. I think they meant to write “We’re backwards”!

The groundwork for greatness has been laid by the worlds perception of his promise. It’s what he may do that intrigues the world community, as they have confidence in his capabilities and of his character. Is that too complex for you tro||ies to grasp? I’m sure the Rethuglicans will do everything in their power to see that he’s unable to move this country, as well as the world, forward. Now he’s leading the world?

The right is a blight on the planet and they keep emphasizing this more and more.
For the first time in a long time I am once again proud of my country. And I am ashamed of you!
Who thinks republicans harm America by their existence? No more or less than Dems.
anybody who tries to pacify whitedevils without losing his cool deserves a peace prize. This guy has obviously skipped his meds.
Certainly if President Obama deserves this prize, which he does, then bush deserved its polar opposite, the war monger prize for war (WMPW). Ok….?
BONG HIT! Obama The Incompetent One wins the Nobel Peace Prize and this guy lights up his pot pipe.
We are in the midst of history being made. The world’s respect restored. Breathing easier every minute. This is leadership. Huh? He get’s an undeserved prize and that’s leadership???
Obama has done more on domestic policy in the last six months than what Bush did in his entire Presidency. I bet this person they could not list any. So far… Crickets.

I cannot imagine another American political figure with the poise, dignity, and strength of character of President Obama. This has got to be Chris Matthews!

For over two years now he has withstood the most vi.le personal and political attacks from some real pros, yet has not sunk to their level. Even when dea.th thre,ats were made against his family he stayed cool. This is the type of leadership that leads nations to greatness, not knee-jerk reactions or vendettas against leaders you don’t like. We are so fortunate to have him. The right man at the right place at the right time.

So, Puglets, what is it like knowing the world just gave you and your last eight years a long middle finger? The world?…  it’s a handful of guys from Norway, not the world you dummy!

The D3v!l h8tes peace and so does the right. This guy is probably sharing the Bong with the guy above.

congrats mr. president. i ama proud of you and you are more than deserving of this award. Not.

I thought it was very nice that they gave the award to Obama and sometimes being nice is more important than being right. Isn’t that sweet.

This is a day to rejoice and it came in the knick of time. The GOP has been thinking they had our wonderful President on the ropes – but the wolrd has put him out front of everyone. Here we go with the world business again. One last try… it’s a handful of LEFTY SOCIALISTS in NORWAY!

Cool…who knew you could get a Nobel prize for NOT being Bush. Who knew you could write stupid things and it would get posted on the internet?




3 responses

9 10 2009

Please, don’t confuse their feelings with facts.

Since The Traitor hasn’t accomplished anything but run us into massive debt and piss off our allies, this is all they got. Ha, he’s in good company with Carter and Arafat.

9 10 2009
Happy Man

The only lunatics having a meltdown are those who hate our President! 🙂

Even John McCain was gracious enough to congratulate the President.

9 10 2009

No melt down here sappy man. I could care less about a political award coming from a couple of socialists. You wanna be in the same rankings as Carter, Arafat and Gore? Enjoy the ride…

McCain is a politican, he’s gotta play by the rules. I could care less what he thinks anyway.

My only melt down is coming from The Traitor’s inability to actually be a CIC and help our troops in Afghanistan while they are being ambushed and not getting the suppor they need. That’s the joke that this president of peace brings to this country and our troops.

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