Strange Cloud Over Moscow

8 10 2009

Reported by Russia Today, this very strange cloud, resembling a halo or an UFO, was seen over Moscow, Russia, on October 8, 2009.






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8 10 2009

Could this be the Mother Ship coming to retrieve all the liberals/progressives and return them to their home planet? 🙂

8 10 2009

It was asking for directions to where barry lives so they could beam him up, but damn..nobody on the spaceship could speak Russian…………..quick get a translation and beam it out…….LOL

8 10 2009
Tom in NC

Even if they could give them directions to Obama’s the only intelligence they would detect would be Bo the dog.

8 10 2009
K Williams

As weird as half the people I know have been acting lately I will take the beam up and leave the tree huggers here.

9 10 2009

It’s the result of a science experiment, influencing the weather. Not kidding you. Nothing to worry about, although it looks frightening for sure.

But if you want to be concerned within this topic, be concerned about HAARP and what it did to some dolphins off the coast of Iran recently. Youtube and Google HAARP. The USA is running broke, but it still has a loaden gun to rob the liquor store.
If there are Aliens, as so often documented, that is much less something to be worried about, than about this. Especially in non-Western countries.

12 10 2009

Hi, Dutchie,

I marvel at the way you casually and with utmost confidence toss out one claim after another. For example,

You declared that “It’s the result of a science experiment, influencing the weather.” How do you know that?

You also assured us that “If there are Aliens…that is much less something to be worried about…Especially in non-Western countries.”
Why do non-Western countries have less to worry about from space aliens?

11 10 2009
Dr. Justin

Are you sure there is nothing to worry about? That short HAARP documentary on youtube horrified me. Then I saw some videos of unusual atmospheric phenomena above China just before the earthquake.

We live in strange times.

12 10 2009

Dr. Justin,

Even if at was something to worry about, there’s not a damn thing we could do about it anyway. Chill out.


12 10 2009

“Dr. Justin”

While you’re at it, don’t forget the enormous dust storm that enshrouded Sydney and most of Australia!

Gio is right: there’s not a damn thing we can do about it!

14 10 2009

It’s an Earthquake Cloud. Moscow will have an earthquake soon.

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