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8 10 2009

Analysts: Rangel’s woes could be liability for Dems in 2010

RangelThe above headline has the link to the story embedded in it, so feel free to go and read the story. My goal for this post is only to comment on the headline itself.

If the analysts are even a tiny bit correct on this one, I suggest that the GOP continue to bring up charges on the house floor at least once a month. At this point it may be a good idea politically to drag this out deep into 2010.

But on the other hand, that still leaves this fat slug in charge of the powerful Ways & Means committee. And that my dear friends does not bode well for us citizens. This then puts us in an un-winnable position for the near future because the GOP does NOT have enough clout, not to mention the votes, to do anything real and concrete.

This may be one of those things that will have to be left in the hands of “The People”. He does work for us after all. I say we come up with something on our own and see where it goes.





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8 10 2009

My goal for this post is only to comment on the headline itself. Sorry Gio, but I have to comment on that pic – Looks like a passed out cash cow!

Until the people in his district wake up, we are stuck with this loser. When are the people going to wake up to this admin and realize we’re all being duped?!

8 10 2009


You’ve pinpointed what it takes to remove Rangel from Congress.

Alas, Rangel’s constituents probably are happy with him because they want the goodies dispensed and promised by “socialism with Obama characteristics” — a play on the Chinese Communist Party calling their economy “capitalism with Chinese characteristics.”

That’s the insidious nature of liberalism: It creates its own BigGovtWelfare constituency. That’s also how democracy eventually dies….

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