Congress Defunded ACORN Only Thru’ October!

8 10 2009


By now, we really should be less politically naive. Alas, we are still babes in a land of vipers.

Here we were thinking that Congress had defunded the criminal multi-tentacled organization ACORN. Think again!

Rep. Michele Backmann (R-Minn) was interviewed on 100.3 KTLK radio this morning. She says Congress defunded ACORN just for the month of October! Promptly on November 1, “the spigot of federal tax money will open wide again.” (Click Here to read the Legislative Digest).

To add insult to injury, Bachmann says while ACORN didn’t get federal funding in October, they still “received a million dollar grant from Homeland Security for fire safety” — which was 80% of the money for fire safety that was supposed to go to Louisiana.

Click Here for the story

What does ACORN have to do with fire safety? Nobody knows….





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8 10 2009

god damn all traitors

8 10 2009


As a reader and sometime commenter, we appreciate your patronage. It’s our members that make this blog what it is. Knowing how passionate you feel about this bad news, I totally understand your frustration, but I need to ask you to not use Gods name in vain. Consider it a personal favor to me.

Thanks in advance for understanding.


P.S. We can leave the GD stuff for Rev. Wright.

8 10 2009
Tom in NC

Why am I not surprised, this whole administration and congress is just one big con game, they use smoke and mirrors to deceive and fool us into thinking that they are getting tough with ACORN while at the same time they give them the old wink wink nod nod, saying don’t worry we’re just making suckers out of the American people.

Obama and his minions are the biggest bullshit con artists in this country’s history and are quickly killing what use to be a super power, namely the United State of America.

8 10 2009


I’m just heartsick over what Congresswoman Bachmann revealed, together with news of our demoralized soldiers in Afghanistan.

Washington’s determined funding of ACORN — despite its embezzlement, voter registration fraud, and tax-evading criminal advice to set up a brothel of underage foreign-national prostitutes — shows that the U.S. government really is an enormous criminal conspiracy.

8 10 2009


My head is absolutely spinning over this news. Do we really know if this is true? You would think that someone would have noticed and said something about the funding before today. Well, in the real world.


8 10 2009


We have Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on audio-tape saying this. I can only assume that she knows this to be true.

Regardless, I’m sure this news will be widely disseminated. So, we’ll know the truth of this soon enough.

For the sake of our country, I hope Bachmann is wrong on this.

8 10 2009

I hope she is wrong also. She may very well have been telling the truth, but it seems insane that anyone in Congress would only vote for cutting off one months worth of funding.

Hmmm, I wonder if the end of October is the end of a quarter for the federal government, or the end of a budget year? Something along those lines might make sense.


9 10 2009

I’ve never eaten an acorn, but allegorically, I wonder if we’re being told something about bitter “fruit”.

9 10 2009

This is all so petty, why don’t you comment about the defense contractors. Of all ten of the top contractors all ten have in fact been convicted of some sort of fraud or abuse. They are fined, payoff congressmen in campaign dollars and continue yet to go about business shielded from any accountability. We are talking Billions of dollars, not the millions of dollars spent domestically through Acorn. There are certainly some bad seeds at Acorn, but really why don’t you comment about the billions of tax dollars fraudulently wasted by defense contractors. Acorn pales in comparison…

9 10 2009


There you go again, you Left-wing loonies, with your bogus switch-and-bait moral equivalence.

Oh, yes, the Soviet Union — that murdered tens of millions of its own people — was as evil as the United States! And George W. Bush is Adolf Hitler!

Don’t you have something better to do, like dance naked in the streets because your man was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by a royally screwed-up committee that doesn’t even follow current events?

9 10 2009

Switch-and-bait? Loonies? Name calling? What? I am simply talking about the fraudulent waste of taxpayers dollars, your comments are insulting and entirely off point. What does Obama’s winning of the peace prize have to do with anything? For that matter Adolf Hitler or George Bush? Let’s have an in-depth review of fraudulent spending…

23 05 2010
Bud Prevost

A shell game. Can you find the money under the shell.

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