Obama And His Promises

5 10 2009

aa-obama-liar-liarOne little complaint from the NYT’s doesn’t add up to much, but if you go to some of the more liberal websites, you will notice that the left is starting to figure out that their Man-God is simply a man.


Even The New York Times Takes on Obama’s Transparency

Monday, October 05, 2009
By Bret Baier

Tough Times

Even the liberal New York Times is questioning President Obama’s promise of transparency. A Times editorial from September 5, 2009 says: “White House officials are now proposing deep revisions to a Senate Judiciary Committee bill that weaken protections against forcing reporters to reveal their sources.”

The Times says a shield law to protect journalists is necessary, but that the White House wants judges to defer to the administration’s view of what constitutes a security leak: “The executive branch would arrogate power to decide the public’s right to know by crimping the news media’s ability to make a case for disclosure. The latest hedging from the White House does not deliver on his promise for a new era of openness.”




One response

5 10 2009

Do you think if we all wish hard enough, Like Jim Carey’s son in the movie Liar Liar, that BO would have to tell the TRUTH and prove himself a Liar???????

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