More Good News for America!

5 10 2009

laughing kittie

The free market has spoken!

All the gushing reviews by movie critics could not convince Americans to go see Michael Moore’s latest turkey, Capitalism: A Love Story [NOT!].

Moore’s “documentary” wound up in 7th place in box office last weekend. It went wide into 962 theaters this weekend after opening on September 23rd in a limited release of 4 theaters. The pic about the financial crisis made $1.6M Friday and $2M Saturday (+33%) for a $4.8M weekend and $5.2M cume. Capitalism‘s domestic total likely will fail to crack $20M, making it Moore’s worst performing film.

H/t the winning GiovanniWorld member Steve!





2 responses

5 10 2009

HA HA HA….just goes to prove that capitalism and free market works!

Mooooooore is suppose to be on Hannity tomorrow night – how much you wanna bet he backs out?

5 10 2009

If Eowyn keeps posting these cute cat pics here….

I mean, I am a DOG PERSON, DAMMIT!



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