Glenn Beck Deserves The Nobel Prize

5 10 2009

The story below is just your run-of-the-mill story about 3 Americans that will share a nobel Prize. Please note that this post is in no way meant to belittle the accomplishments of the three winning Scientists.


No, my reason for this post is to seriously promote the idea that we submit Becks name for next years consideration.  I don’t know the particulars but I promise to post them as I learn them. And yes, I’m sober, sane, and very serious. Glenn Beck has done more to uncover the Obama administrations purpose and agenda in a handful of months, than any other talking head on TV. Was it the New York Times to uncover the Van Jones controversy? No! Was it the Washington Post that has dug into the histories of Obama’s many Czars? No! Who else in the mainstream media has looked into the claims (lies), that Obama makes with such ease? Nobody!

Who else other than Glenn Beck has rallied hard working, tax paying, tradition loving, patriotic Americans, so they can take back the control they once had over Government. Glenn is a true believer of the small blurb that we all know and love, that starts our precious Constitution… “We the people”.Glenn has also had a hand in the bringing down of ACORN. There are so many things that Glenn investigates and then shares with his audience, that his audience is fast becoming the most knowledgable group of patriots this country has ever seen. He’s also responsible for the recent 9/12 march on Washington D.C., where an estimated 1.5 million people packed the streets of our Nations capital.

Although the Nobel has 6 different categories…  Peace, Economic Sciences, Literature, Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics, he could be eligible for the first 3 categories. Personally, I suggest we nominate him for the Peace prize.

Well, what do you think about the idea?


header_photocomp_editedNEW YORK — Three Americans won the Nobel prize in medicine on Monday for discovering how chromosomes protect themselves as cells divide, work that has inspired experimental cancer therapies and may offer insights into aging.

The research by Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol W. Greider and Jack W. Szostak revealed the workings of chromosome features called telomeres, which play an important role in the aging of cells.

Complete story here














5 responses

6 10 2009
Cec Moon

That’s a great idea! I can easily envision the smoke coming from the left’s ears and eventually seeing their heads explode!

9 10 2009

Delicious! Barack Obama, not your hatemonger, won the Nobel Peace Prize 🙂 Happy now?

9 10 2009

Hell yeah I’m happy!

This is like a give from above at a time when we had almost run out of bad things to say about Obama The Incompetent One.

What bothers me the most is the message this sends our children. This seems to have been given to Obama The Incompetent One predicated on some promises he made, over… and over… and over, during the elections. So now we are going to have kids pick up on this and think… “hey, why didn’t the teacher give me an “A” on this test, I promised her I knew the material” to be followed by the most infamous words in the Liberal vocabulary… “that’s not fair”.

This award only guarantees that I will be nominating Glenn Beck for next year!!!


9 10 2009


We now know for sure that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is made up of all Left-wing loons, cause their yardstick is the same tiresome Leftist mantra we’ve been hearing:

It’s not what you do, it’s what you say!

It’s not the results, it’s your intention.

I heard that for decades from students: “But, but, I deserve an A grade because I tried!”

9 10 2009

(h/t to JT Whistler, a commenter at Big Government for this insight:)

Three previous presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize; Woodrow Wilson [liberal democrat], Franklin D Roosevelt [liberal democrat], Jimmy Carter [liberal democrat]…..and VP Al Gore [liberal democrat]….and now “The One”, nominated in February????

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