Update On Obama Billboard

3 10 2009

 Update on Obama Billboard…

Click on pic to enlarge.

Click on pic to enlarge.

Yesterday, (10/2/09) Eowyn had posted a request that a particular Billboard in Blue Springs, MO, be duplicated around the country. For reference go here… “Duplicate This Billboard Across America!

Eowyn was also good enough to include the name and contact info for the Mayor of Blue Springs, MO. Something I took advantage of late last night. To my surprise, I just recieved an answer from him. His response is very telling as to where he stands. 

First my email to the Mayor… 

From: Giovanni Faga [mailto:giovanni.faga@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, October 02, 2009 9:52 PM
To: Carson Ross
Subject: Dear Mayor

Dear Mayor Ross,

I know you had nothing to do with the billboard out on hwy 70 which can be viewed here….

http://www.kctv5.com/news/21176602/detail.html but I wanted to take a moment to lend a word of support to you.

I am NOT a supporter of president Obama. I’m afraid he will do more damage to our country than any president we have ever had. I also pray that I’m wrong.

Just know that there are millions just like me, and the billboard represents a way for some to share their dis-pleasure with our president. I hope you will defend people’s right to free speech by not allowing other groups to pressure you into doing something drastic. Instead of opposing groups demanding that the sign be taken down, I would prefer they buy their own sign to answer the charges.

Anyway, God bless you, and God bless Blue Springs , MO.

Giovanni Faga 

Below is the almost robot-like reaction I received from the Mayor…

Thank you for your email.  The billboard is located on unincorporated private property and not subject to government regulations

Carson Ross 


City of Blue Springs

903 W Main St 

Blue Springs, MO 64015 

Ph: 816-228-0110



Yep, that’s it. The good Mayor did what any modern day version of a political hack would do, he avoided the whole affair. Do politicians even take a stand anymore? Look, I know this isn’t his fight, but it sure seems that he took the cowards way out, and being cowardly is part of what has gotten us into the mess we find ourselves in.

And the Republicans wonder why we are so thrilled with a woman (Sarah Palin) that obviously has guts!















3 responses

3 10 2009


I got the same programmed robotic e-mail response from the mayor. Heaven forbid Mr. Ross actually takes a stance on this billboard or expresses his true thoughts and feelings!

Gutless wonder.

4 12 2009

Darn, someone allowed the TRUTH to be openly posted! Expect the politically correct crowd will fight any individual who has the backbone to point our the obvious but am glad to see this sign is being noticed. Mr. Obama are you listening yet? Joe? Rahm? Nancy? Anyone home?

5 12 2009
Bob in FL

Bob, I put the same sign up in my yard.

Check out Giovanniworld archive for October 31, 2009 under heading “BOO”.

Welcome to Gio’s World.

Bob 🙂

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