Olá Rio, 2016!

3 10 2009

[olá is Portuguese for “hello”]

H/t New Wineskins’ ultraguy for his keen insight on Rio de Janeiro being the fitting choice to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.

This is not to say that the following was actually in the calculus of the 95 voting members of the International Olympics Committee. Rather, one sees the invisible hand and will of God.

The following pics are worth 3,000 words 😉

What other city is known for its iconic statue of Christ?

What other city is known for its iconic statue of Christ?

Rio de Janeirans hold up this huge banner with an image of Christ the Redeemer as they gather on Copacabana beach in Rio while they wait for the IOC's announcement

Rio de Janeirans held up this huge banner with an image of Christ the Redeemer while they waited on Copacabana beach for the IOC's announcement

And here's Christ overlooking beautiful Rio at night

And here's Christ overlooking beautiful Rio at night

Contrast that with what goes on in an abortion clinic in Rockford, Illinois, just 60 minutes by car from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. There, the Northern Illinois Women’s Center boasts of having performed 50,000 abortions in the last decade. In a window display, this demonic abortion mill mocks Christ by placing a rubber chicken over a large crucifix. Another window sign reads: “No Job too Big or Too Small.”

And if you do an Internet search for “abortion clinics Chicago,” you’ll get 38 Results.

Although, like Chicago, Rio de Janeiro is infamous for its crime rate, more than 78% of Rio’s 6+ million population are Christian (60.71% Catholic, 17.65% Protestant). Abortion is currently illegal in Brazil — and Rio — except if the pregnancy puts the life of the mother in danger, or if the pregnancy is the result of a rape.

Lastly, I’m a bossa nova fan. So I look forward to hearing its gentle swaying rhythm when the Olympics descends on Rio. To get you all in the mood for 2016, here’s the most famous bossa nova song ever, “The Girl From Ipanema“:





7 responses

4 10 2009

The babe factor in Rio is extremely high.



4 10 2009

And did I mention that Brazilian women are hot?


4 10 2009

So, Dave, what’s your opinion of Brazilian women? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

4 10 2009

Yes, can you be a bit clearer as to how you feel about Brazilian women? LOL

Also, why does “Dave” have TWO avatars? — one wearing shades?

5 10 2009


LOL-I would love to be able to claim I was getting ready to hit the beaches in RIO.

Unfortunately, I fat-fingered my email address. 😦


4 10 2009

Adult Brazilian woman go all out when it comes to making themselves look down right sexy. Unfortunately, it is so ingrained in their culture that even their young Daughters have the obsession.

Over the years I have had my share of going to the Amusement Parks in Orlando Florida. Our favorite is Sea World, but we have been to all of them, more than once. Anyway, there are times when you go to these parks and they have large groups of teens from foreign countries that are visiting. They almost always have a few people in their group that goes around carrying a flag on a pole. The flags are sometimes just a particular color, and some are just the flag of that groups home country. You can almost always tell when the group of teens, and pre-teens, are from Brazil. And they don’t even have to have their flag, all you need to do is look at the girls for a moment and you will know. The Brazillian girls/ladies/woman all wear very little clothing and almost no underwear. Some of the clothing is so revealing that nothing is left to the imagination.

As a guy it’s easy for me to say “yeah but those Brazzilian gals are good looking”, but then I think how I would react if one of those girls showing off all she has by wearing see-through everything and no undies, was my granddaughter. I would go ballistic!

Anyway, just some food for thought.


4 10 2009


I haven’t gone to amusement parks in Florida or elsewhere, but I’ve certainly seen TV footage of Brazilian beaches — and you’re right! From what you described, young girls/women in Brazil are even MORE focused on looking “sexy” than Americans, and little else.

So much for “emancipation” of the female gender…. Sigh.

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