Jimmy Carter Is A Shameless Liar

2 10 2009

Jimmy Carter now denies he ever called anti-Obama protesters racist. Has this revolting man no shame? And does he think Americans are so stupid and gullible that we can be so easily bamboozled?

Alas, Carter has left a video trail. Watch and compare the following videos:

In the first video, dated today, Oct. 2, Carter denies he ever called anti-Obama protesters racist.

Then, watch the second video, dated Sept. 15, in which Carter clearly called protesters racist.

Finally, watch the third video, from last year’s prez campaign, in which Carter referred to Obama as a “black boy.”

Who’s the racist now?





4 responses

2 10 2009

Well don’t we stand corrected,…NOT!
I think he found a couple of cases of Billy Beer before these interviews. Or else he will come back next with the shocking news that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimers.
Even I know when to close my mouth to stop putting my foot in it.

2 10 2009

Like I said before: duct tape and straight jacket. STAT!

2 10 2009

It’s time to lock Jimmy Earl in the attic.


3 10 2009
Cec Moon

Come on guys, give him a break, he’s an old man. We geezers get addled from time to time and forget stuff.

For a better look at what this turkey has forgotten, you might want to check this post on Zion Beckons which I lifted from the Corner on National Review:


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