How Do You Spell Climate Change?

30 09 2009

If you think I’m trying to be a smarty-pants by asking how you would spell climate change, you would be right! With that in mind, would any of you sign a petition started by me, asking Merriam Webster Dictionary to change the spelling of Climate Change to H-O-A-X ?

Boxer unveils sweeping climate change bill

Climate control debate heats up in Senate

Obama Administration Moves to Curb Carbon Emissions

US bill ‘crucial’ for climate talks

EPA proposes greenhouse gas regulation of industries

EPA Proposes Tough Greenhouse-Gas Rules for Big Industries

In the spirit of the subject matter, and to show you my commitment to “The Hoax”, I am going to use the color green for my front lawn.

Check this out…

With all the talk about how the Polar Bear is on the edge of extinction due to Global Warming, I thought I would bring some balance to the argument. The truth is… Polar Bears are thriving! In fact, Polar Bears have made such a comeback that they are running out of room on the open ice to build good homes to raise their little baby Polar Bears. An unknown building contractor (until now), Polar Scapes LLC, has recently built 380 Units known as Ice Castle Condos, and has the first units on the market at a price that any Polar Bear can afford.

If you like what you see in the attached photo then send in your $20,000 dollar deposit to Al Gore The Fat Greedy Liar, LLC Inc. Simply address it to the largest Mansion in the state of Tennessee. When your contract comes in the mail, simply sign where all the X’s indicate, write another check for $20,000 dollars, and whatever you do, this is very important… DO NOT READ THE FINE PRINT!

One word of caution before you send in your deposit… NO PENGUINS ALLOWED! Those elitist snobs are always wearing those damn Tuxedo’s, which means they have never put in an honest days work in their life (kinda like Gore), and they have Fish-breath.





3 responses

1 10 2009
Cec Moon

In 2006 to satisfy my desire to learn the truth about the northern regions and environmental matters specifically, I drove to Prudhoe Bay to see for myself. On that 10,000 mile trip I discovered that the caribou of the Porcupine herd gathered under the Alaska pipe line for the warmth of the supports. The musk ox were not extinct but gathered in defensive circles near the Dalton highway. The oil patch was cleaner, neater, and better maintained and more environmentally responsible than any I had seen in the lower 48. Wildlife in general was thriving, plentiful, and doing their thing. The ice shelf in June started about 100 yds. off shore in the Beaufort Sea and I was informed it continued to the North Pole.

In short, every myth perpetuated by those in high places who have never ventured north of Silver Spring, MD to by an eye-witness to nature’s (and man’s) marvels north of the Arctic Circle turned out to be the usual BS. That is not an abbreviation for biological spuriousness but it could be. I’ll wager none of them have never seen a polar bear outside the National Zoo.

As far as A.G. is concerned; my mother never allowed me to say dirty words.

1 10 2009

“As far as A.G. is concerned; my mother never allowed me to say dirty words.”

I’ll say it then.

Take this, Al Gore! *&^%$#@!!!!! LOL

1 10 2009
Cec Moon


That’s pretty strong language for a delicate lady.

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