Democrat “Horse’s Ass” Winner Announced

30 09 2009


That’s right folks, Democrat Representative Alan Grayson is this year’s winner of the highly coveted (in the Dem party) “Horse’s Ass” Award!

I cut-up my GOP registration card a long time ago because I had, and still have, some major problems with the party. So, from time to time I will give them a hard time, but NEVER like this. This goes so far over the top that I would be shocked if I were to learn that Rep. Grayson’s constituents still support this Horse’s-Ass!

Democratic Lawmaker: Republicans Want Americans to ‘Die Quickly’

Rep. Alan Grayson made his comments on the House floor Tuesday night while criticizing Republican health care proposals. The first-term Democrat is known for being provocative.

Nothing less than a Horse’s Ass!




5 responses

30 09 2009

I’m ashamed, This horses-ass represents Floridians. I can only say WHEW! he’s not my district rep.

This Horses-Ass got it wrong, The Republican plan was DO NOTHING, the papers were blank. Another fine example of the democrats putting words in peoples mouths.
Thankfully, my rep is Bill Posey, Republican. He responded to my recent contact thru his website and assured me he would vote NO on Obamacare, The Democrats plan.

30 09 2009

Bob: Thank goodness he’s not my rep either. I don’t know who is worse: Grayson or Hastings. Both should be ashamed of themselves.

30 09 2009

Something tells me he may be Steve’s Rep.

If he is wee need to encourage Steve to start a one man campaign to make damn sure that this guy is a one-termer just like Obama!


1 10 2009
Tom in NC

This guy is the poster child for Head-up-rectum disease, but even if were true, it would be better than the liberals plan which would result in slow painful drawn out death due to rationing, waiting lists for procedures and unable to get medications due to costs, all as a result of government run healthcare.

A little message for Rep. Grayson if it can be passed on through anyone in his district:
You might want to think twice about insulting the majority of Americans that oppose your socialistic healthcare plan, because we can and will vote your sorry liberal ass right out of office you sawed little punk.

10 10 2013
Grayson IV Polen – Leg 4 | INFOWEBLOG.NET

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