Obama And His Court Jester

31 08 2009

burnbaby_editedWhat do you do when the presidents poll numbers continue to go South? And what do you do when the presidents huge gamble on Obamacare reform is fast becoming an embarrassment? And finally, what do you do when the previous Vice President calls out Obama for persuing actions against CIA agents that were trying to protect us from the enemy?

You tell your National Security advisor to come up with something that has the illusion of making the president look good. This article is a complete farce!


Obama more successful on terrorism -security adviser

WASHINGTON, Aug 31 (Reuters) – The United States is having more success fighting terrorism under President Barack Obama partly because of his “radically different” approach to foreign policy, National security adviser Jim Jones said on Monday.

In an interview with ABC News, Jones said Obama’s efforts to reach out to world leaders and improve relations with law enforcement agencies had made it easier to track and kill terrorists than during the Bush administration.

“We have better human intelligence. We know where the terrorists are moving,” Jones told ABC.

“Because of the dialogue and the tone of the dialogue between us and our friends and allies … the trend line against terrorism is positive,” he added.

Jones spoke a day after former Vice President Dick Cheney said he has serious doubts about the extent to which Obama understood and is prepared to do what is needed to defend the United States from attack.

Complete article here.



2 responses

1 09 2009

Jim Jones + ABC News = propaganda

“We are seeing results that indicate more captures, more deaths of radical leaders Words…where’s the stats?

According to what I’ve been reading, Pakistan has been doing most of the heavy work and arresting Al Qaeda members lately. U.S. on the other hand releasing terrorists from Gitmo. Go figure…

1 09 2009

I find it strange that a Marine General would make such a bold statement without “metrics” — Marine-speak for statistics. ABC admits that he didn’t have any numbers, i.e., he’s speaking out the part of his body most of us fart out of.

Let’s compare known terrorist supporter Gaddafi’s behavior under Bush with the way he acts now. After we took out Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi reportedly said, “I’m next” and voluntarily gave up his whole nuclear program, which surprised the world with how far along it was. Gaddafi pledged that Libya would give up supporting terrorism. Now that Barack Obama is President, he holds a hero’s welcome and openly embraces a man implicated in the killing of 270 civilians.

Yeah, the terrorists are scared.

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