Gay Obama Poster Surfaces

3 08 2009

gay-obamaThis is a highly classified photo of the president. In fact, it’s not even supposed to be seen by the public. But like everything else with his administration, someone screwed-up by accidentally releasing this one photo after reading a Top Secret memo asking to expunge it from his records.

Evidently Obama’s handlers wanted to help shore-up some of his support in the Gay community, so they snuck him in to a recent Gay Pride Fair.

The organizers of the Fair were to have the president ride in on a pink Elephants back, and delivered to a small stage where people could then bid, Auction style, for a dinner date with the president.

All of this was to be kept secret, but as you can tell, Gio’s World is all over it.

Possibly the strangest outcome of the whole affair was who won the bidding. They won with a high bid of $100 dollars. Experts agreed that the winning bidder over-paid by at least $90 dollars!

For another Giovanni’s World exclusive, scroll down to see the winning bidder…………








Yes… it’s a joke!





4 responses

3 08 2009

AAACCCKKK my eyes! That second picture is frightening!

3 08 2009

Yikes! and Yikes! to both pics!


4 08 2009

LOL-Damn, I thought carrying around 60lbs of crack on an LA sidewalk would get you arrested.


4 08 2009

I’m blind in my right eye again……………….Thanks guys……LOL

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