White House Censors Own Website

3 06 2009


Our fraud of a president, Hussein Obama, had his White House staff put up a fraud of an “open government dialogue” website.

To no one’s surprise, the website was soon inundated with comments asking about Hussein’s birth eligibility to be POTUS according to our Constitution’s “natural born citizen” requirement.

Why is he continuing to refuse to make public his birth certificate? Why has he instead spent $1 million and hired three law firms to fend off one lawsuit after another about his eligibility? Why did his campaign put online the deceptive “certificate of live birth” (COLB) from Hawaii, instead of his actual “vault” birth certificate? (As everyone who has followed this issue knows, Hawaii’s COLB merely certifies that a live human birth had taken place; it does not certify that the birth actually had taken place on U. S. soil.)

Well, those comments and queries are being deleted. So much for “open government dialogue”!

Let’s fight back by inundating the White House’s phony “open government dialogue” website with questions about Hussein’s birth certificate! Go here.

h/t to pure-of-heart Giovanni’s World member Steve!



Obama's been called Messiah, compared to Jesus Christ. Now, it's King Tut. Anti-Christ, any one?

Obama's been called the Messiah, likened to Jesus Christ; now, it's King Tut. Anti-Christ, any one?


Here’s an excerpt from a WorldNetDaily article on the censorship. For the whole article, go here.

With more than 200 individual threads and thousands of comments on the eligibility issue alone, moderators of the White House website on “open government dialogue” have been working tirelessly to edit the dialogue about Barack Obama’s elusive “long-form” birth certificate.

Many of the top-rated threads are from citizens calling on Obama to release his birth certificate…. 

One deleted post echoed many others in asking President Obama to “Prove that you are a U.S. citizen and valid president.”

The post asks why Obama doesn’t simply release his “real birth certificate and end all of this controversy.”

“Are you a fraud?” it asks. “Is your election to the highest office in the land the largest scam ever pulled on the American people? Are you really not eligible for office? End the speculation and prove who you are.”

Another removed thread titled, “Where is the Obama legal documentation to prove who he actually is?” asked the president to provide the following documents: original, vault copy birth certificate, records of attorney fees, marriage and divorce records for Obama’s parents, passport, adoption records, school records and various other documents.

One displeased user who had his post deleted wrote, “I posted a comment about the lack of transparency in President Obama’s administration and history, and down it came in minutes. So much for a open dialogue or, for that matter, freedom of speech.”

Another man suggested U.S. citizens consider a class-action lawsuit against President Obama until he surrenders his documents.


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9 responses

3 06 2009

Everyday it gets worse, everyday we peel off another layer of the perverbial onion of tyranny that is this administration. This man is simply an enemy of freedom and destroyer of our Constitution, short of a peoples take over of the government or states seceding from the union, I’d be hard pressed to know what can be done between now and 2010, until we can take control of the House and Senate. Until then the liberals can do a hell of a lot more damage and inflict a lot more misery on this country.

He continues to embrace our enemies and spit in the face of our allies and as Israel prepares to go it alone against it’s enemies that surround it I pray that God will protect them because I know that Obama has turned his back on them and it will ultimately result in our demise, God will see to that.

I don’t fear for myself or my family, we are all Christians and know where we spend eternity, but at the same time I will not simply lay down and allow the tanks to roll over me, I will fight back by any means possible and available to me.

I truly believe these are the end times being played out right before our eyes and eventhough I have no idea who the anti-christ is and wouldn’t even begin to guess, I do know that Obama is inherently EVIL, as are all liberals, and evil must be defeated and there is no sideline in this fight and there is no middle ground, you are either on the side of freedom and justice or you are the enemy.

3 06 2009


I share your sentiments. I try to tell myself not to despair, because I am a Christian. But I’m finding it difficult.

Right after the election, I successfully resisted the impulse to call Hussein the AntiChrist. But, with each day’s relentless slide into the abyss, I’m no longer that certain. I’m beginning to think he really is the Man of Sin.

3 06 2009


As a fellow Christian I thank God that if in fact he is the antichrist, we will be called up to Heaven and will not witness the worst of his atrocities.
Don’t despair, just remember God is in control and in the end, WE WIN!
Keep the faith.

3 06 2009


I worry for my children and grandchildren, so I want to do whatever I possibly can (within the law) to make sure I leave them a better world. But to be honest, I’m not sure that’s possible now or anytime in the near future.


3 06 2009

Let’s hope we’re not operating under Sharia law soon…Seems The Traitor is in overdrive making sure he controls everything.

3 06 2009

Thanks for the reminder, Tom.

As a follower of Christ, I know He (and we) win in the end. But as a patriot, I mourn for our country.

I became naturalized as an American citizen while I was in graduate school because I learnt about and was inspired by the ideological foundations and operational principles of the United States. As I see all that dissolve away from the acid of the antiAmerica Left, I find myself in stunned disbelief as well as anguish.

3 06 2009

They delete duplicative or contains obscenity, threats, or personally identifiable information posts…so asking for proof of birth falls into which category?

Seems that some of the sheeple might be waking up!

3 06 2009

The article also says that the website does say that it operates a moderation policy “to ensure that your comments are appropriate and not harmful to others.”

Of course, what’s “appropriate” or “harmful to others” is very subjective – as in questions about Hussein’s birth certificate are “not appropriate” and certainly “harmful” to his fraudulent presidency! LOL

6 06 2009


WND reports today (June 6) that “a quick survey of flagged, removed and archived posts from yesterday reveals 100 percent of those yanked for being off-topic [on the White House’s “open government dialogue” website] were, in fact, on the same topic” — “all of them discussing Obama’s birth records.”

“Comments not scrubbed from the site for being off-topic include the following:

* A man’s detailing of his full-body rash and medical problems – prompting four additional comments on Lyme disease – on a thread devoted to the proper qualifications for presidential appointees to science posts

* A claim on the thread dedicated to scientific integrity within the OSTP that Americans are being “covertly assaulted” with secret energy weapons and then accused of being paranoid or mentally ill

* A pair of posts advocating more widespread use of marijuana in a discussion thread on government whistleblowers.”

In other words, on this “open government dialogue” website, any and all topics, no matter how zany, are open to discussion, except Hussein Obama’s birth certificate!

For the full article: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=100312

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