Eyes of Obama

19 05 2009

It is said that our eyes are the windows into our souls.

Take a look at these pics of Obama. Don’t look at his mouth, but focus on just his eyes. Use your hand to block the lower half of his face, Tell us what you see!

If you come across striking pics of his eyes, please share them with us by posting a comment with a link to the pic. Thanks 🙂



Obama eyes3


h/t Giovanni's World member Jan (Mrs. Cecil) Moon!

h/t Giovanni's World member Janis Shepard Moon!


Obama eyes6

Obama eyes4

h/t to Giovanni's World member, The Doktor!

h/t to Giovanni's World member, The Doktor!


I find O’s eyes to be especially disturbing in this McCain-Obama prez debate:



23 responses

19 05 2009

A shark’s eyes=constantly looking, void of soul.

20 05 2009

I’ve always noticed the maddness.

20 05 2009

The Power/The Dictator.

Be Afraid.

Btw: Madness was meant with one ‘d’ above.

20 05 2009
The Doktor

The first, where he is holding the already framed and under glass newspaper stating that Hussein makes history by being the first ”black” (he is not – typical media) president, his eyes are like a child’s saying, ”You see, Mommy? I was good. You shouldn’t have sent me away!”

The two that are drawings are not real.

The magazine picture is the best ‘friendly look’ you’re gonna get from Hussein but the eyes – well, they are the most arrogant eyes I think I’ve seen. They are saying, ”I’ve got this election nailed and there is no one in America that’s going to stop it. Your asses are all mine.”

The last picture, the one I posted, has the look of deep seated hate – odd, too, in that he is just pissed off because someone dared to question him about his school history, personal past, or public record. Look into those eyes and you do not see a soul, as Michele said. You see hate – ready to strike out. It’s one of the most threatening stares I’ve seen.

That’s our PREZ! Ya gotta love ‘im. No, really, it’s going to be the law.

I just wondered . . . how many Winston Smiths will there be? How many will it take to completely change recorded history? How many generations will it take before there is no one person alive to remember what America used to be like?

Funny, isn’t it? But it’s those eyes that give me terrifying glances of the future.

21 05 2009


I just saw this post of yours…and you summed it all up in a nutshell.

20 05 2009

Anger and arrogance.

20 05 2009

And the mole is almost a third eye-it really creeps me out.

20 05 2009

I see Evil. Pure EVIL!!

20 05 2009

I see an actor, a puppet. His expressions are rehearsed. the pictures aren’t the best for they are all taken professionally. To see the real Obama you need see him off guard. And off guard is when his trusted teleprompter goes on strike.

He stutters, stammers and trips over himself. The dude is an idiot without the tele.

Obama…the wooden puppet that lied.

20 05 2009

I see something that disturbs me more than any other claim, I see REVENGE!


16 11 2014

I see pure EVIL.

20 05 2009

angelic hate as in fallen angel. the worst kind

20 05 2009

I see a demonic stare, a total disregard for morality and the common good, a view into hell, a man who will take this country through hell on earth for the next four years.

20 05 2009

Once again, I should correct myself here, when I used the term ‘madness’, I meant as in the Hitler type of madness.

Later all…

21 05 2009
The Doktor

Sneaky. You added more pictures. Ah, who’s gonna know?

21 05 2009

“Sneaky”? I’ve been called many names in my life, but “sneaky” – which implies secrecy and deception – has never been one of them.

I hastily put together the “Eyes of Obama” post on Tuesday night before I went to bed because I was inspired by the pic of Obama link you gave us in a comment you posted, for which I credited you.

The next day, with more time I tried to find more & better pics, as well as delete the two drawings that you rightly pointed out are not appropriate representations of Obama’s eyes.

I also invited readers to send pics in, and Janis Shepard Moon kindly contributed a terrific one. So I’m giving you fair warning that, as more pics are found, I’ll continue to be “sneaky” by adding more to this thread.

I seem to recall a famous character in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings for whom “sneaky” is a favorite word.

You know, Dok, I’m beginning to think you’re passive-aggressive.

21 05 2009
The Doktor

Since you cannot see my jokes anymore I will stop since you seem to be sensitive to them. It started when I attempted to compliment your writing. It seems that it has been seething in you since then.

I have nothing to be sorry for or ashamed of. I made a joke. You used to laugh at my jokes.

And I have never labeled you or called you a name and I take your Internet Psychology as an insult.

21 05 2009


Please explain how calling me “sneaky” is a joke? It’s not as if you are a Web neophyte who does not know about emoticons. The simple addition of an exclamation mark (!), or an LOL, or an emoticon will turn your insult into a joke. And you know this.

Oh, passive-aggressive people who make gratuitous barbs that sting others always deny they’re doing this, by dismissing what they did as “a joke,” which of course implies that the other “just doesn’t get it” because she lacks a sense of humor. That’s what the “passive” part of passive-aggressive means.

You are flattering yourself if you think that I’m, as you put it, “seething inside” about your prior patronizing “compliment” that my writing “is improving.” You are not that important. I, like other regulars on Gio’s World, have greater, more important & more urgent matters to think & worry about – as in the state of our country.

21 05 2009

Oh, please tell me this isn’t happening. I’m only jumping in here because I really care about both of you. Please step back and think about how this must all be a big misunderstanding. Think about all the things that unite us here at Gio’s.

Love to you both,

21 05 2009

Dear Jen,

Thank you for your kind heart. I have no problem working with anyone who is an ally, a conservative. So, no need to worry about unity.

I’ve given my time and energy to Gio’s World because, like all the regulars here, I care about and fear for our country’s future. But I do not appreciate gratuitous insults, without provocation. I’m especially mystified when they come from an ostensible “friend.”

All this will dissipate soon enough.

Hugs & God’s blessings to you, Jen. +

21 05 2009

Back atcha with the hugs and blessings, Eowyn. 🙂

I know I haven’t been around much lately, so I must have missed the comment from Dok that has been considered offensive. I guess I just figured it must be a misunderstanding considering that all I’ve ever read from Dok has been very loyal to all of us here at Gio’s and I know he jokes around a lot. It would seem crazy to think that Dok would be insulting in any way to any of us here. (Except maybe our leftie visitors).

I have enjoyed making friends with the folks here at Gio’s and it’s just that it’s almost like seeing my brother and sister in a fight. Obviously, how it works out is up to both of you, but I’m praying for both of you, cuz I love you both.

21 05 2009

Eowyn, thank you for adding the other pictures from those individuals who sent them to you. I do not find Dtr’s comments funny or humorous, calling Eowyn “Sneaky.” The easiest way to get out of putting your foot in your mouth or making an inappropriate comment is to say that “you are just kidding,” or that you were “just joking.” What unites the Gio bloggers is the virtue of sincerity, love for our country, not snideness and sarcasm which is supposed to be construed as humor. I love humor and poke fun of myself all of the time. I just got done picking up dog poop from my deck for my dear dog who is an invalid, which is one of my new purposes in my life. If I didn’t laugh at myself, life would be much, much too heavy. But, I don’t like scapegoating and ego bloggers. Please tell me how this comment is humorous: “Sneaky. You added more pictures. Ah, whose gonna know?”?????I am picking up from Dtr a clear communication of jealousy towards Eowyn. Hey, Dtr, you should be thanking her for all of the work she does on Gio and for all of the work she does for her country. Incidentally, why do you call yourself “Doktor”? Strange……………..



16 06 2015

Go to YouTube …Bill O’Reilly catches Obama offguard….video
When he bends over and starts back up…..he says…”now this is what happens….”
His eyes change

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