Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

4 05 2009



-By Dan Scott



Let's Get Ready To Rumble.

Let's Get Ready To Rumble.

Last week on WJR radio Frank Beckmann conducted an interview of Tom Lauria, a bankruptcy lawyer who represents some of the bondholders who loaned money Chrysler. During the course of that interview Mr. Lauria dropped a bombshell that implicated the Whitehouse in an extortion plot against a bondholder potentially involving almost a billion dollars amounting to fraud.

The threat that amounts to extortion:


Let’s be clear what extortion is: Extortion, outwresting, or exaction is a criminal offense, which occurs when a person either unlawfully obtains money, property or services from a person, entity, or institution through coercion or intimidation or threatens a person, entity, or institution with physical or reputational harm unless he or she is paid money or property. Refraining from doing harm is sometimes euphemistically called protection. Extortion is commonly practiced by organized crime groups. The actual obtainment of money or property is not required to commit the offense. Making a threat of violence or a lawsuit which refers to a requirement of a payment of money or property to halt future violence or lawsuit is sufficient to commit the offense.

One must wonder how many more Chrysler bondholders were similarly threatened? And what about the GM bondholders, were they threatened, how many of them and by whom? The possibility more than one bondholder was threatened creates another set of crimes called  Conspiracy  to commit fraud. What the country is potentially faced with is a  RICO case   involving  Enterprise Corruption over the Chrysler and GM attempts to avoid bankruptcy filings. By the way, it should be known these bondholders represent mutual funds whose investors are people like you and me, IRA and 401k accounts. The financial fraud being committed is not to be discounted as against some rich people who won’t be missing one of their many little piles of cash; it is against the average working stiff who diligently sacrificed for years to have a retirement.

Unfortunately, it comes as no surprise the FBI or SEC are not investigating a potential extortion threat or fraud when it comes to the Whitehouse’s actions. During the last four months they have essentially sat on their hands while President Obama and his minions at the Whitehouse  have broken one law after another  under the guise of political expediency to save the nation. One must wonder if they are simply clueless as the Keystone Cops or have been told not to investigate potentially politically damaging actions. This seems to be behavior of most Law Enforcement these days. Let’s compare this behavior to within the last few years (2007) when Senator Larry Craig stuck his hand under a bathroom stall, or when (2006) Senator Foley made some untoward comments in emails to a 17 year old page or recently when (2008) Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was prosecuted for some work at his house by a generous campaign contributor. All of those seem to have one thing in common, an R behind their title. Yet when faced with serious multiple felonies, the people involved with a D behind their title the FBI doesn’t bat an eyelash.

The Whitehouse when confronted with the accusation of making threats engaged in denials. “The charge is completely untrue,” said White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton, “and there’s obviously no evidence to suggest that this happened in any way.” Interesting response wouldn’t you say? There is no evidence that this happened? As though an event never happened if it wasn’t documented in triplicate? Mr. Burton, knows better, first hand testimony IS evidence and it does exist in this case, namely the person who received the threat, Perella Weinberg. Be watchful for staffers being reassigned out of the Whitehouse as anyone in the know with material information will to sent off elsewhere to hid the “evidence” of who knew what and who did it. The cover up of wrongdoing has already started with this denial.

During the course of a conversation with Tom Blumer at Bizzyblog.com how this might be Obama’s Watergate moment, he made the comment,  “As an event in and of itself, Watergate had little significance. The cover-up did.”   I was rather dumbfounded at the time, however after digesting his observation, it unlocked an even greater truth in shades of Richard Nixon. While most conservatives intuitively recognize the bias in the media and it’s cooperation with the Democrats in general, there is even a greater issue. So people at the FBI, pay close attention since you clearly have been dropping the ball lately I will spell it out for you. Let me draw your attention back to the original quote and repeat these words for your interest: “…under threat that the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its reputation…” Now was it an empty threat that the Whitehouse would have the press corps destroy the reputation of Mr. Weinberg’s investors if he didn’t comply with their demands that he allow 71% of his investment (they were told to accept only 29 cents on the dollar) to be taken from him? If the threat weren’t empty, how would the Whitehouse get the press corps to destroy him? Would that be through the press corps weakness to be easily influenced to chase after any juicy story like throwing a steak for a dog to run after or would that be a concerted collective effort by the editors and producers of the MSM to walk in lock step with the Obama Administration?

Given the MSM almost universally (save Fox News) has refused to cover this juicy story of a Whitehouse extortion plot against a Chrysler bondholder one is left with the impression that the MSM has collectively decided not to publicize it. Why would they not cover a story that is explosive and thereby boost their flagging ratings? Why the incuriosity? One would expect reporters falling all over themselves trying to interview every GM and Chrysler bondholder for the scoop of the decade. Let me underline this discontinuity of behavior by the MSM for you at the FBI. In the last few years, literally tens of thousands of journalists have lost their jobs in both the print and media. Revenues are severely down, ratings are dropping like a stone and likewise circulation, a number of MSM companies are under a deathwatch. Under these severe economic circumstances what editor or producer would turn away a juicy story, which would bring in badly needed revenue? On the surface no sane person would hold back or hesitate, however, a group might not be inclined to do so if there were a promise of greater monetary reward for agreeing to spin only a positive light on the Obama Administration.

The refusal of the MSM to question even shaky false assertions by President Obama is part of the positive only spin they are engaged. Consider the failure of the MSM to challenge President Obama on an obviously false premise when he stated:  Wall Street is not going to play as dominant a role in the economy as regulations reduce “some of the massive leveraging and the massive risk-taking that had become so common,”   as though Wall Street were the sole source of the problem when we know it was  the supercharging of the CRA  under the Clinton Administration that was the source of the housing bubble via legally mandated unsound lending practices and he Barack Obama was the lawyer for ACORN that forced Citibank to make those unsound loans. It was government’s and Barack Obama’s interventions in the market place that caused the mortgage meltdown.

What are the facts? We know Rahm Emanuel has daily conference calls with point people in the MSM. We know that the news industry in general is suffering heavy financial losses. There have been calls for government to subsidize, that is use taxpayer funds to float various newspapers such as in  Connecticut.  There is a drumbeat by the MSM to get itself on  the taxpayer dole like GM, Chrysler and the banks.  The greater issue is that the MSM collectively has entered into an agreement with the Obama Administration to “Pay for Play” for a taxpayer bailout in some form, whether that be through loaned funds, government contracts or outright cash payments. The transfer of funds isn’t happening yet, however, it will. The question is will the FBI even investigate and follow up on the leads? You at the FBI were interested in Governor Blagojevich’s Pay for Play, regarding Obama’s former senate seat, why not President Obama himself?


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16 responses

4 05 2009

Excellent piece Dan!

Now we get to see how much the Dems and their royal leader really believe in the law.


5 05 2009

They believe they are above the law. What do you expect from Chicago-style “politics”?

Great article Dan, thanks. This administratin is disgusting.

5 05 2009
The Doktor

Yes – Great article, Dan. As always, you say it like it truly is.

Gio – Royal Leader?? Shouldn’t that be Royal Reader?

“Believe in the Law!?!?!” I can’t even think of anything funny about that. And yet, I’m laughing uncontrollably.


4 05 2009

Hey dscott…I also thank you…I caught all of your audio late last night, plus I let you know that on your forum thread, it is a sad day people just let their eyes glaze over and not care about the real things going on that affect us all…like I said I was so glad to see Hemmer and Kelly talk about this early this morning my time, I wouldn’t have had a clue to what they were talking about if hadn’t been for you.

the msm will keep mum about this as usual…I usually do not listen to the tv until evening and early mornings here, either I have it silent here or decide to listen to conservative radio.

Thank you for all the hard, persistent work you do for us that are uninformed.

Hey friend, one thing about it…we were the only two that really had it right about where we thought Wall Street would bottom out at. 😉

I’m in a big rush…it makes me ill what Obama and crew are doing to completely socialize this country to use a nice word here…I am so sick I can’t stand it…the Wa. Journal for the last few days has been unbearable.

4 05 2009

Hey dscott…BOR us having a segmen on this NOW…with Megyn Kelly reporting…I love it…you are so ahead of all of this…I also posted in the forum thing too! 😉

She is doing a great job reporting this!!!!

5 05 2009

I am a GM Bondholder and I don’t like the Gov. actions. That being said, I think the reason more R’s are prosecuted then D’s is because there are more R crooks than D’s and that R’s wrap themselves in sanctimonious shrouds of righteousness so when the go down, the go down in flames for the world to see. The raise the bar on their own moral do-goodery, so when they are revealed to be sinners just like the rest of us, they set themselves up for the big fail.

That being said, I don’t like the admin’s strong arm tactics or taking sides (UAW). They should be impartial.

5 05 2009
The Doktor


Has your Kool-Aid been tasting a bit tart lately?

The real fun is when anyone reads from the “regular” press and then you have to play “Spot the D”. Scott, read NewsBusters (click HERE for a small example) for a few weeks and see how many times the MSM articles revealing crimes by pols leave out that D – almost all of the time – or bury it deep within the article. When the MSM “reports” (now there’s a contradiction in terms) an alleged crime by a Republican (how about when the NEW YORK TIMES “reported” that McCain had an affair??), the R is in the first sentence.

A person I know has said: “Abuse of power by exceeding those granted the Executive Branch by the Constitution is an impeachable offense. Now 0bama has done this at least 3 times.” Where is the reportage? Where is the outrage? Where, if we’ll ever see it, is the justice?

So keep your brainwashed lies to yourself. Talk facts, not BS. And we’ve had just about enough of the Left’s sanctimonious crap ourselves. For the Left is shrouded in hypocrisy.


5 05 2009
The Doktor


I forgot to mention the glaring error you had in you sentence above.

Instead of – more R’s are prosecuted then D’s
It should be – more R’s are persecuted than D’s

That would make it entirely accurate.

Oh, and one more thing the Left never seems to realize (and I wonder why that would be?), whenever a Republican is caught in an immoral act – NOT ILLEGAL mind you, just IMMORAL – it’s the Republicans that call for their own to resign their office. That never happens ever if a Dem has broken a law. For Dems , immorality and illegality are not only a way of life, it’s a badge of honor amongst their own “kind”.

Now you see how it can be so easy for Conservatives to claim the higher ground at times.


5 05 2009


Exactly right…Ted Stevens was the latest example with the repubs calling for him to step down…made me ill.

You are so right with prosecuted/ persecuted!
That was spot-on!

5 05 2009

Bravo, Dok! (sound of hands clapping)

5 05 2009

The Obamanistas are hell bent on carrying out a government takeover of the private sector.

They will run over anyone or anything that stands in their way, laws or no laws.


7 05 2009

“Chryslergate?” Ha ha, bring it on you right-wingnut bozos…I’m sure it will go as well as your “Birthcertificategate”. Why aren’t any of you whining about the “Obama stock market” anymore? I look forward to listening to and reading your whiny complaints over the next 8 years.

7 05 2009

You are confused. If you want Stock Market info I suggest you go to The Wall Street Journal.com

I guess from your knowledge of Obama’s place of birth, you are the guy that has fronted Obama over a $1,000,000 dollars to fight for suppression of the truth.

BTW… We look forward to seeing you at the protests when you too realize what’s happening to our country.

7 05 2009

“over a $1,000,000 dollars” PLUS three law firms!

7 05 2009
The Doktor


Yeah, Birthcertificate gate is nowhere as near important as the many issues blown out of proportion by the Left-Wingnuts in the media regarding Sarah Palin and HER CHILDREN. And just how much ink and air time was used to condemn a family with a special needs child? Was it worth it? And just what DID it prove? Search what tiny soul you may have for the answer to that one.

The DOW is back up to 14,000 again? When did that happen? Many people LOST much of what they HAD in the market for their retirement. But I guess you bozos just don’t care about that. You’ve been too busy covering for the likes of Frank, Reid, Pelosi, et al, who were the ones that placed their heads in the sand up until the time that Fannie and Freddie failed (and took banks down with them) and started this whole market downturn. They they took their heads out of the sand long enough to blame the person calling out for more oversight on these boondoggles.

Seems like you picked the correct side to be on – the Ignorant Masses speak and whine once again. Only next time, use facts.


7 05 2009


I sat here in quiet contemplation, searching my soul for just the right response to your intelligent and ever so eloquent submission. The response I decided upon was based partially on your complete lack of common sense and partially upon your equally impressive lack of subject-knowlege. My response is as follows;


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