Obama, the Hustler

31 03 2009


Hustle (Hŭs’əl):

v. 1. To jostle or shove roughly. 2. To usher hurriedly or urgently…. 4. Slang. a. To obtain (money) in questionable ways. b. To sell by high-pressure means. 5. Slang. To induce (someone) to gamble in a game set up against him.





editor’s note

March 31, 2009



This image comes from a woman who prefers to be known as Jill, one of the artists on the staff of iOwnTheWorld. She titles it “Oshama.” Feel free to share it with your friends.




7 responses

31 03 2009
The Doktor

The guy, Vince Shlomi – no kidding, who hustles those rags slapped the crap out of a hooker over the weekend.


You can write this stuff but no one would believe it.

Doktor DeceitWow

1 04 2009

I meant to ask if ‘ole Vincie gave this “escort” the slap chop, too.

2 04 2009
The Doktor

Like Vince says in the commercial, “You’re gonna love my nuts”.

No. Never mind. Forget I said that. Use whiteout on the screen.

2 04 2009

Nah, not white out. Sham wow the screen.

31 03 2009

Let’s give congress the slap chop!

1 04 2009


16 02 2010

Oh my God!!! That is, like, the PERFECT haircut for Obama! xDD Hmm… maybe we could put some eyeliner on there and he could be “punkin!” haha yeah… Sorry I even commented now…
Hey what does everyone think of that new-ish shamwow commercial?? The one with the repeats and disk-jockey or whatever?

Ha. Ha. I listened to it on mute, and I still screamed!!

Peace out.

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