Fake Patriotism @ BornAgainAmerican

16 02 2009

My first shot at this organization started back on 1/30/2009 with Big Trouble Ahead, and then a follow-up with The Great American Con-Job on the very next day. I’m taking another crack at them because something worthwhile is coming from both of these postings and I want to keep prompting reactions to it. First a little background then I will explain…


One of my readers, Jen I think, sent me the link to an organization called BornAgainAmerican which is a newly created, supposedly, pro-American organization by none other than Mr. TV himself, Norman Lear. When you go to the link you are immediately captured by the start of a music-video. The music-video is very well done. The tune is very catchy, the words are inspiring, the people in the video are very sincere, and all throughout you feel a sense of pride and patriotism. By the end of the video you are moved to sign up and ask… “What can I do for my country“?

In case you are wondering, every bit of that last paragraph is true.

Ok, so what? Right? Well, shortly after both of my original postings made the rounds on the net, I started to get reactions to it. A few people actually came here and made some ugly comments about this site because they thought (rightly so) that I was disparaging BAA and their patriotic goals. Then a few of my regular readers, and myself, set them straight about how insidious the BAA site was and something magical happened.

Surprisingly, they took a few minutes to take another look/listen, read my two postings concerning the BAA site, and the site’s Founder, Norman Lear. Each of them shortly thereafter apologized to me, my readers, and I guess my site in general. I must stop here just for a moment to respectfully accept their gracious apologies!

Anyway, the lightbulb went off in their heads, and I’m guessing they felt a little silly because they had been sucked-in by the moving BAA video. Which is very understandable.

Something even my readers don’t even know about (until now), is the emails I have received concerning BAA, accusing me of all sorts of stupid things, none of which is true of course, although my wife has called me a jerk from time to time.

Finally we get to the crux of why I’m writing this post and why I’m going to stay on top of this nasty little anti-American organization called BornAgainAmerican. Many hundreds of thousands, or millions, of Americans are going to be invited to join this organization thinking they are a patriotic group and will start some sort of pro-American movement that they can proudly be a part of. When in fact, the group uses fake patriotism and religion, to rail against real patriotism and religion. Yes, you read that correctly… this group is using religion to push religion aside in this country. The biggest problem as I see it is this, most of the people who sign up and send them money have no idea they are being taken for short ride off a long Marxist cliff. My story related above concerning the apologies is more than enough proof that what BAA is doing works, so something has to be done.

If any of you are experts at getting high rankings on the internet, I would appreciate your help in getting this story out across the World Wide Web. Actually, any of you who care to, can help just by linking to the BAA stories when you are visiting other sites or when emailing others. We may not shut them down, but we can help educate others, and in the process show people how sneaky these Marxist bastards can be. This may then slow them down a bit.

Happy hunting!


P.S.  Using http://alphainventions.com/ to increase traffic. It better work!




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19 02 2009

Gio –

I did a little update to my SAA post. I am not sure if I can post a picture here but you can take a look at the new scroll that should be downloadable for Obama, after he signs “The Pledge” at the BAA site. 🙂

HERE ya go


20 02 2009
The Doktor


I enjoyed reading your stuff on the Armchair-politics site (if I had one it would be called LazyBoy-Politics.com) and it reminded me of what I did when I first went to the ”BAA” site. I signed their ”Declaration” as Vadimir Ilyich Lenin and Karl Marx. When I ”viewed” it I captured the screen and made a jpeg of it. I felt so clever – just like a Lefty troll. But some other clever Rightist troll beat me to it. There was a huge signature of a ”John HanCock”.


Doktor Doltish

P.S. – Consider the above a ‘brain burp’. Jam time now.

20 02 2009

Hey Dok –

When I signed it, I wish I were thinking more cleverly. (?) Clever-er…more cleverish….clevererishly…I wish I had been a quick-wit at the time.

I signed it Rush Limbaugh.

LazyBoy-Politics is better…Dammit!


20 02 2009

Dok, Booyah, too clever.

Norman Lear…born about 55 miles from where Benedict Arnold was born. Coincidence?

20 02 2009


I appreciate the class you showed when mentioning my previous transactions. /tips hat @ Gio with respect. I’ve been reading and posting on a few more of the posts. Good stuff.

13 07 2009
Richard Michael

And remember to point out the link to “People for the American Way” under the Take the Next Step menu.

One look at that web site should remove all doubt about what the site is promoting.

14 07 2009

Be careful people. Why would I believe the guy who wrote this blog. He doesn’t give his name. All I find on BAA is “Patriotism”. I also researched Norman Lear and can’t find anything derogatory about him.

I don’t belong to the site and I don’t intend to donate to the cause, but I personally love the song (and singers).

What’s wrong with someone promoting American freedom. We have a big government that is trying to take that freedom away by telling us how much energy we can use, what health care we can have, etc., etc.

Think for yourself people. Don’t let this or other bloggers or liberal media tell you what to believe.

15 07 2009
Mark D.

I also went through this site an found nothing wrong. No talk of Marxism and anything to make me believe it was anit-American/

15 07 2009

Marilyn & Mark,

I have something I want to explain to you, but I just don’t have the time right now. Please check back this evening.


15 07 2009

Marilyn & Mark,

Before I get started I would like to give more friendly advice. Always question the motives of those on the far left. Always!

My advice to both of you is to learn how to research people and their motives. Let me give you a small helping hand.
When you go to a site like BornAgainAmerican be doubly sure to peel back a layer of skin off the Onion I call “liberal/progressive/marxism”. You will then find that BAA is another wing of People For the American Way (PFAW). Then continue peeling back layers until you can go no deeper. Then start right there at the end and work through some of their links. Then do the same for the layer prior, etc, etc, until you come all the way back to BAA.

If you have taken notes, you will then get a clear picture.

Marilyn asks a very good question when she asks… “What’s wrong with someone promoting American freedom.” The obvious answer is, nothing at all. However, people tend to hear what they want to hear even if it means ignoring the truth.

Norman Lear made his fortune in TV years ago with major hits like “All In The Family”. He was appalled to discover that millions of viewers embraced Archie Bunker, a character he’d meant them to despise. The other thing he was appalled by, was how much the vote from Christians were effecting elections. Some people might say he had every right to be upset because Mr. Lear is Jewish, but that would be silly and nowhere near the truth.

Mr. Lear found it offensive that a large group of Americans, that happened to be be Christian of many different denominations, went to vote as responsible citizens should. Mr. Lear, for some strange reason thought that Christians were too powerful and would end up forcing everyone to take a blood-oath on the Bible, and be tattooed with a picture of the Last supper on their foreheads. Anotherwords, Mr. Lear was an extreme paranoid. Suffering from paranoia he also had huge problems with TV Evangelists. Are/were some of the televangelists snake oil salesmen? You bet. Are/were some of them good God fearing preachesr of the word? You bet! Mr. Lear made the huge mistake of painting all preachers in the same color. That’s like saying all bloggers are bad. Silly right?

Anyway, Norman Lear decided it was time to give up TV and become an anti-religion activist. Why? Well one reason is because he believes in Spirituality not Religion.

PFAW was founded in 1981 by Norman Lear, and this my friends is a story within itself. Here’s the short version… Mr. Lear produced a TV spot featuring a forklift operator saying “I have a problem” with preachers telling people they’re good or bad Christians based on their political views, concluding with “That’s not the American way.” The ad sparked an outpouring of support and the founding of a national organization PFAW. And guess who wrote the words for that ad, and hired an actor to portray a Forklift Driver? Norman Lear.

I will only continue this lesson if one of you requests it. Otherwise, I have better things to do with my time.


15 07 2009


Your explanation is excellent!

You should copy & paste it onto your original post, “Fake Patriotism @BornAgainAmerican.”

I hope Marilyn & Mark read this.

17 07 2009
Warrant One Girl - asil

Wow, Thanks for this post. I know that site you refer to. Someone sent it to me doggoneit. I have searched my email and cannot find the perpetrator. I wanted to reply to all and put this blog url in it. totally ticks me off, but I don’t remember signing it and definately not supporting, I remember thinking something about it reminded me of B. Hussein O. which of course turned me off immediately. I’d like to put something on my site directed here for information about this site, “Born Again American”. Thank you for your time and the explanations herein.

18 07 2009
Caution; Born Again American is Fake Patriotism! « WarrantOneGirl's Blog-asil

[…] Exlusive Story Here  Scroll to Tenth Comment for The Rest of the Story from giovanniworld   […]

19 07 2009
What's in a Namw

Is that communist, anti-Christian, Anti-American NORMAN lear STILL ALIVE? Yes, I said ANTI-American. How ironic that he’s labeling himself as a “born-again American”. He is older than dirt, frankly, I thought he WAS dead. Obama has brought All manner of goofballs out of the closet, it appears (no pun intended).

Norman Lear and anything he has to say or do is irrelevent. He was always off the wall and the television shows he produced may be hailed now as something “great” but frankly, they sucked. Watching paint dry would’ve been more entertaining. Thankfully, back then, there was actually variety in television back then and it was entertaining.

So, I’ve always been an American and am a born again Christian, importance not in that order. I may be IN this world but this world does not rule me, God almighty does. Amen.

I wonder since Lear is claiming to be a born again American, does this imply that Maobama is his savior? False gods are never a good thing.

The things of this world shall pass away, but God’s word will never pass away. Nor will those who have salvation through Jesus Christ (the only kind).

19 07 2009


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