University Approved History Of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

25 01 2009

Submitted by GW west coast editor Eowyn. 

Captured Che

Captured Che

Who Was the Real Che?  
By Ion Mihai Pacepa | Friday, January 23, 2009

Hollywood is kicking off 2009 with a monumental deception: Steven Soderbergh’s four-hour Spanish-language epic Che, rendering a sadistic Marxist killer as, according to the New York Times, a “true revolutionary through the stations of his martyrdom.”[1] The word “stations” suggests the adoration of Christ in the Stations of the Cross. The movie’s protagonist, Benicio del Toro, does indeed compare “the Cuban Revolution hero Ernesto Guevara” with Jesus Christ.[2]

Soderbergh’s Che is a fiction once created by the KGB community, including my Romanian espionage service, the DIE, and at that time that placed me squarely in the picture. The real Che was an assassin who presided over communist firing
squads and founded Cuba’s ghastly gulag system. He was also a coward who called upon others to fight to the death for the communist cause and sent to the scaffold hundreds who did not do that, yet he surrendered himself to the Bolivian army without a fight even though he was armed to the teeth. “Don’t
kill me,” Che begged his captors. “I am worth more to you alive than dead.”[3] Soderbergh’s movie omitted this part—it would have demolished his Che.

I could write a book on how the terrorist Che was built into an inspiring leftist idol—like a beautiful monarch butterfly emerging from a disgusting caterpillar—and someday I may well do so. For now, here is a summary of how the KGB community created its fictional Che.

In the 1960s, the Soviet bloc’s popularity stood at an all-time low. The Soviets’ brutal suppression of the 1956 Hungarian uprising and their instigation of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis disgusted the world, and every bloc ruler tried to save face in his own way. Khrushchev replaced the “immutable” Marxist-Leninist theory of the world proletarian revolution with a
policy of peaceful coexistence, and pretended to be an advocate for peace. Dubcek gambled on a “socialism with a human face” and Gomulka on “Let Poland be Poland.” Ceausescu announced his “independence” from Moscow and portrayed himself as a “maverick” among communist leaders.

The Castro brothers, who feared any liberalization, decided to just plaster a romantic revolutionary façade over their disastrous communism, which was starving the country. They chose Che as poster-boy, because he had been executed in Bolivia, at that time a U.S. ally, and could be portrayed as a martyr of American imperialism.

“Operation Che” was launched to the world by the book Revolution in the Revolution, a primer for communist guerrilla insurrection written by French terrorist Régis Debray, which praised Che to the skies. Debray dedicated his life to exporting Cuban-style revolution throughout Latin America, but in 1967
a Bolivian special forces unit trained by the U.S. captured him, along with Che’s entire guerrilla band.

Che was sentenced to death and executed for terrorism and mass murder. Debray was sentenced to 30 years in jail, but he was released after three years following the intervention of French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre, a communist romantically involved with the KGB, who was also the ideologue of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist band. Sartre proclaimed Guevara “the most complete human being of our times.”[4] In 1972 Debray returned to France, where he served as adviser for Latin America to French president François Mitterrand,
and he dedicated the rest of his life to spreading hatred against the United States.

In 1970, the Castro brothers shifted Che’s sanctification into high gear. Alberto Korda, a Cuban intelligence officer working undercover as a photographer for the Cuban newspaper Revolución, produced a romanticized picture of Che. That now-famous Che, wearing long, curly locks of hair and a
revolutionary beret with a star on it, and looking straight into the viewer’s eyes, is the logo advertising Soderbergh’s movie.

It is noteworthy that this picture of Che was introduced to the world by a KGB operative working undercover as a writer—I. Lavretsky, in a book entitled Ernesto Che Guevara, which was edited by the KGB.[5] The KGB entitled the picture “Guerrillero Heroico” and disseminated it throughout South America—Cuba’s area of influence. Italian millionaire publisher Giangiacomo
Feltrinelli, another communist romantically involved with the KGB, flooded the rest of world with Che’s picture printed on posters and T-shirts. Feltrinelli became a terrorist himself, and he was killed in 1972 while planting a bomb outside Milan.

I first heard Che’s name in 1959 from General Aleksandr Sakharovsky, the former chief Soviet intelligence adviser to Romania, who afterwards directed Castro’s “revolution” and was rewarded by being promoted to head the almighty Soviet
foreign intelligence organization, a position he held for fifteen years. He landed in Bucharest with his boss, Nikita Khrushchev, for consultations on West Berlin and “our Cuban Gayane.” Gayane was the overall code name of the operation for Sovietizing Eastern Europe.

At that time, the Soviet party bureaucracy believed that Fidel Castro was just an adventurer, and it was reluctant to endorse him. But Sakharovsky had been impressed by the devotion to communism of Fidel’s brother Raúl and of his lieutenant, Ernesto Guevara, and he made them the main protagonists in “our
Cuban Gayane.” The two were brought black to Moscow to be indoctrinated and trained, and were given a KGB adviser.

Returned to the Sierra Maestra, Che proved to be a real, cold-blooded assassin in the mold of the KGB—which killed over 20 million people in the Soviet Union alone. “I fired a .32 caliber bullet into the right hemisphere of his brain that came out through his temple,” Che wrote in his diary, describing the
execution of Eutimio Guerra, a “traitor of the Revolution” whom he shot in February 1957.[6] Guerra was the seventh person Che had killed. “To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is not necessary,” he explained. “These procedures are archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolution must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate.”[7]

On January 1st, 1959, the “Cuban Gayane” succeeded, and the KGB charged Che to cleanse the whole Cuba of “anti-revolutionaries.” Thousands were sent to “el paredón” (the wall) and shot. Javier Arzuaga, who was chaplain at La Cabaña
prison in early 1959, wrote in his book, Cuba 1959: La Galeria de la Muerte, that he had witnessed “the criminal Che” ordering the execution of some two hundred innocent Cubans. “I pleaded many times with Che on behalf of prisoners. I remember especially the case of Ariel Lima, a young boy who was only 16 years old. Che did not budge. I became so traumatized that at the end of May 1959 I was ordered to leave the parish Casa Blanca, where La Cabaña was located. … I went to Mexico for treatment.”[8]

According to Arzuaga, Che last words to him were: “When we take our masks off, we will be enemies.”[9] It is now time to take off Che’s smiling mask and reveal his true face. The Cuban Memorial displayed at Tamiami Park in Miami, Florida contains hundreds of crosses, each bearing the name of an identified
victim of Raúl’s and Che’s communist terror.[10]

It is also time to stop the fifty-year-long lie, reinforced by Soderbergh’s movie, that the Castro brothers and their hangman Che were independent nationalists. In 1972 I attended a six-hour public speech in which Fidel preached the same lie. The next day I went ocean fishing with Raúl. The other guest on the fishing boat was a Soviet who introduced himself as Nikolay
Sergeyevich. “That’s Colonel Leonov,” Sergio del Valle, my Cuban counterpart, whispered into my ear. Earlier he had identified Leonov to me as Raúl’s and Che’s KGB adviser in the 1950s and 1960s. There, on that boat, it hit me more
clearly than ever before or since that the KGB was holding the reins of the Castros’ revolutionary wagon. Ten years later, Nikolay Leonov was rewarded for his handling of Raúl and Che by being promoted general and deputy chairman of the whole KGB.

In the 1970s, the KGB was a state within the state. Today the KGB, rebaptized FSB, is the state in Russia, and Soderbergh’s Che is manna from heaven for its Latin American surrogates. A couple of months ago two Kremlin’s puppets, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales, expelled on the same day the
U.S. ambassadors to their countries. Thousands of people carrying the portrait of Soderbergh’s Che took to the streets calling for Russian military protection. Russian military ships are now back in Cuba—and newly in Venezuela—for the first time since the Cuban missile crisis.

“Deception works like cocaine,” Yury Andropov, the father of contemporary Russia’s era of deception, used to tell me when he was KGB chairman. Then he would explain. “If you sniff it once or twice, it may not change your life. If you use it day after day, though, it will make you into an addict, a different man.” Mao put it his own way: “A lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth.” Soderbergh’s movie on Che is proving both correct.[end]


Below is the Che movie trailer for the upcoming film/s. In this particular trailer, they have the audacity to call this murdering butcher a ‘hero’. Do not fall for the Communist re-write of this sadistic thugs life.  



Wearing a Che Guevera shirt to School or College, means you support and celebrate a mass murderer!


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Below is partial list of Universities that have not approved the real Ernesto Che Guevara story, for fear that it may be historically accurate…

Mills College
Bard College
New College of Florida
University of Florida.
Colgate University
Vassar College
Santa Clara University
Azusa Pacific University
Knox College
Hampshire College
Amherst College
Clark University
Warren Wilson College
St. John’ s College
Antioch College
Guilford College
Sarah Lawrence College
Skidmore College
Boston University
Bryn Mawr College
Pitzer College
Occidental College
Chapman University
Claremont McKenna College
Reed College
Pomona College
Marlboro College
Princeton University
Middlebury College
Bennington College
Haverford College
Earlham College
Denison University
Beloit College
Dickinson College
Kenyon College
University of Colorado



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19 07 2010

I am DEEPLY disappointed.

28 10 2010
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1 02 2011

well the usually cia post u can asswiper post there has no bigger crimiunal then usa any one against it is terrorist foolish fucking moronover the time the usa people brain has atropied and sank down the their testicular sac i believe.

4 02 2011

A man that kills civilians is a HERO and that’s what Che is.

5 03 2011

The thing all communist have in common is that the only way they can enforce their idealogy is though violence and death. Thats what it all comes down to and thats why Che had to kill.

They also have to lie a lot. Anyways I want to warn all communist that the day they decide to start a revolution is the day they will be met with a hail of bullets from all those rightwingers who’ve been itching to do it lol.

21 04 2011

you are completely overseeing the fact that che was a doctor, huge intellect and caring man. it was a war. people die. he helped sick children, and helped save Cuba from its opressors. and communism does not have to be born out of violence and death, you a fucking moron. maybe do a little more research on communism and ches life before the revolution. cuba is a lot better off now than it was with the batistas

15 05 2011

Christopher Columbus comes here and destroys the indigenous population, and we celebrate him in October.

But because Che was communist, he was evil.

Our education system tells us who we should celebrate and despise, rather than give the children the ability to make their own choices…..

2 07 2011

And I’m men’t to believe everything in this article why. It was written by a former 2 star general that defected from the communist…. first problem with that if he made it to a 2 star rank he’s had people shot, second problem isn’t this just CIA propaganda to counter the Cuban story. There’s prob some truth in each version but it’s very doubtful we’ll ever know the full true story and honestly not really that bothered which is closest to the truth he’ll always be an icon for good or bad.

3 07 2011

The truth is the Cuban people are being held captive. That should tell you something. If communism is so great why do they risk their lives and their childrens to escape? Check out the Cuban rapper Pit Bull, he doesn’t support the communist castro. Dr. Ron Carlson, deceased June ’11, went to Cuba four times. Castro is starving 11 million people, they get $18.00 dollars a month and are living on one meal a day of rice and beans. Meat is illegal and they aren’t allowed to fish(they are on an island). They have to use a horse and plow to farm. Anybody that supports that is evil.

5 07 2011
Adey Bob

…Marty…cuba has been blockaded by the biggest power in the world for generations.
This was primarily to make sure that it would be SEEN that communism doesn’t work.
Now, you will see very similar economic effects all over the world, due to the fact that democracy has spawned the biggest monetary collapse the world will probably ever see, with the national debt of the UK alone reaching a staggering 4.8 trillion in 2010.
In short, Marty…try and expand your horizons beyond what you can glean from Fox.

3 09 2011
George Gallo

The “monetary collapse” is the direct effect of the EU and American economies all subscribing to the failed socialist unionist theory that the substitute for actual wealth, the fiat paper currencies, can be taxed and redistributed and inflated and loaned without interest (in classic socialist fashion). What follows is that wealth is simply diminished, few continue to have motivation to risk producing actual value in such an environment of confscation, and the unsound monetary system’s purchasing power for things of actual value will ultimately vanish. You socialist tools reading this will not have a cogent reply so I will surf elsewhere.

12 07 2011
Jah Army

Ignorant… what a about United States killing innocent people for money in Irak for petroleum? or when they go and cut off trees in the Rainforests to make shitty foods like cheetos, doritos, and all that proccesed shit that they sell to us and make us sick? they kill animals for Palm Oil and to make packages for Mattel, Lego, Hot Wheels, etc… and not only that theyre also responsable for global warming and thats the cause for a lot of people dying already… and youre are saying that a man who defended poor people is a murderer? I cant believe how ignorant people is this days… look around you USA are the real killers! they tried to kill Bob Marley, They Killed Martin Luther King, Malcom X, and all the people who stand for their rights…

19 07 2011
Joska Romero

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was jsut a man your article however is terrible, the claims that he surrendered without a fight are provably incorrect infact the man who executed him was given the honor of doing so because three of his brothers had been killed in the preceeding battle with Che and his small group of guerillas furthermore while there are claims he begged for his life 3 things should be kept in mind #1 what man wouldnt? no one wants to die no doubt he harboured hopes of escape I would do the same. 2# According to his executioner he died defiantly telling him to: “shoot coward you are only killing a man” hardly the words of a coward as you suggest #3 he was severely wounded during his capture and was barely consious most of the time and no doubt in agony.

27 01 2012


13 06 2013

You say that Guevara was trained by the KGB in Russia before the revolution but he never went to Russia prior. In fact he had very little contact at all with the Russian embassy worker.

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