Giovanni Wants Help

20 01 2009

Tomorrow afternoon starts the beginning of a brand new obama_hypeadministration. One that will need to be monitored on a daily basis, and at times, an hourly basis.

Here at Giovanni’s World, we plan to track Obama’s mistakes from day one, and to be critical of his blunders as often as is deemed necessary. And this my friends is where you come in.

I would appreciate any feed-back from my readers as to the most efficient way I can go about tracking his blunders. Any and all ideas will be considered, and I will accept any help from those that offer it. So please, put on your thinking caps and give me suggestions as to the best way of going about this.

With any luck, GioWorld can become ‘the’ depository of info for the first Black foreigner to ever become president of the USA.

Thanks and God Bless America!



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7 responses

20 01 2009

Glad to contribute, as long as you can handle all the email. 🙂

20 01 2009
The Doktor


Is this where you’re asking for us to commit to one day of service? 😉
I would email you but I can’t find your address.

Here’s a preemptive tip on a mistake. Michelle’s outfit. I haven’t even seen it yet but considering her past wardrobe selections I think it’s a sure bet.

20 01 2009


Contact: Find it under “About”.

Please NO!

I do not care about clothing issues, I’m talking real issues.


20 01 2009

Black filmmaker Spike Lee claims that God was behind America’s economic collapse, so as to make possible TheOne being elected prez:

20 01 2009

My internet connection has been shaky for the last few days. Have been having gioworld withdrawals! will be thinking about ways you can track things.

20 01 2009

This might be interesting. I plan to use it:

20 01 2009

I’ll sure try to help when I have the time Gio…

I think this is a great idea to-boot.


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