Libertarian Communism & Gaza

15 01 2009

How’s that for a headline? Yeah, I know what you are thinking… “what the hell is libertarian communism”? I have their official questionmarkexplanation at the end of this piece so you will have to wait a few more minutes to get your answer (unless you cheat).

Lo and behold, this post is NOT about “libertarian communism”, whatever that means, this post has more to do with the conflict going on in Gaza at this very moment. Keep reading… I was reading a multitude of opinions concerning the conflict when I happened upon this opinion. It drew my attention because it was one of the few I could find that made an attempt to be fair. Keep in mind I did say “attempt”.


Statement against Israeli and Palestinian nationalisms; what’s in a flag?

Submitted by Ret Marut on Jan 3 2009
An attempt to present an internationalist perspective on the current situation in the West Bank, following Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip.

Most people in Israel will remember one thing about the protest later today (Sat 3/1/2009): that the organizers went to the Supreme Court in order to make sure they are allowed to present a Palestinian flag.

Now, I am in favor of anyone being able to present any kind of flag or no flag at any time. But one should ask what purpose a Palestinian (former PLO) flag would serve.

This protest is allegedly aimed at stopping the attack on Gaza. What does the Palestinian flag have to do with that? One would reply: “well, it represents support for the Palestinian resistance.” To that I would have to further ask: what Palestinian resistance? Most sensible Palestinians in Gaza would like to get the hell out of the bombing area, not resist being bombed. What does it even mean to resist being bombed? Wave your hand against the incoming fighters?

This flag represents Palestinian nationalism, in the same way that the Israeli flag represents Israeli nationalism. Now, most readers of this website would probably associate Israeli nationalism with violence, oppression, and a thin veil covering up the rule of capitalists over our country. Why doesn’t the same apply to Palestinian nationalism?

As we speak, Palestinians in the West Bank are being brutally oppressed and restrained, Palestinians who wish to protest against this same war. Why? Because the Palestinian Authority will not hear criticism, and will not step away from its only raison d’etre, being a subcontractor of Israeli control over the Occupied Territories.

Just months ago, these same Hamas leaders who are now hiding in bunkers and safehouses and recording messages of resistance to “their” people were refusing pay to teachers, wrecking Palestinian trade unions, killing innocent Palestinians in the streets as they fought their Fatah competitors, and shooting rockets at random civilian targets, in lieu of actual attempts at bettering the lives of hard-working and unemployed Palestinians.

While we are protesting the brutal bombing of Gaza by Israeli nationalism, we have to remember that Palestinian nationalism is merely less powerful, not less brutal. Unfortunately, this flag incident just plays into the hand of nationalism as an ideal, making it easier to dismiss dissent against the government as automatic support for “the enemy”.

Of course, to be cynical, there is a very good reason why this fiasco came about. This protest, organized by the Israeli Communist Party’s front Hadash, comes a day before the official launching of this party’s election campaign. And Hadash needs to pander to its Palestinian nationalist base inside the Green Line in order to maintain its electoral power in the next elections against the Secular Nationalists (Al-Tajmua3) and the Muslim Movement. And this, again, plays into nationalism’s hand, and ultimately, into the capitalists` hand.

This will only result in repeating cycles of violence, that will not end until it is realized that these nationalisms are there to cloud our judgment and to prevent us from focusing on the real issue, namely, that we are being sent to kill and die, and compete in the service of people who do not serve our interests, but their own. And that goes for both Israelis and Palestinians. Untie the Gordian knot of nationalism, and we will be on our way to have better lives for all. [end]


Article written by a Libcom user in Israel and originally posted to Israel indymedia.

The libcom group is a small collective of libertarian communists based in and around London, we maintain, and as individuals are involved with a number of other groups and activity.

Our name, libcom, is an abbreviation of “libertarian communism” – and its goals of liberty and community – the political current we identify with. However our primary focus is always on how best to act in the here and now to better our circumstances and protect the planet.


Don’t ask me, I’m clueless!





4 responses

15 01 2009

Libertarian Communism? What’s dat?

Is this some Orwellian new speak?

15 01 2009

I was reading an article on how Hamas came to power and why Israel and other arab counties don’t want them. It goes back to the central banking community. Kissinger made a deal with the arabs in the 80’s to make it law that oil can only be bought in dollars. So unofficially the dollar is backed by oil. hence, our interest in the middle east.

Hamas was brought into the middle east politics to off set the west bank strip…before Hamas they were ruled by the same party. Now, that plan to divide Gaza from the west bank back fired. There is a lot of CIA and Russia secret service maneuvers going on behind the scenes.

Keep an eye on Russia and what they do with Iran. If we enter a blockade of Iran that will make oil prices skyrocket.

Just remember, whoever controls the money controls the world.

15 01 2009
Truth Seeker


16 01 2009

I just love how Hamas has been using the UN buildings to fight from …knowing the filthy UN itself would side with them as they always do…Knowing the msm would cover their “Who Me” BS worldwide….

On and on it goes…

How dumb do they think we all are out here?

Ah…the games people play now…every night and every day now…

I had a link saved, I think I lost it now from the other day where good ol’ pajamahead declared once again that Israel cannot exist.

Lovely isn’t it?

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