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17 11 2008

It’s been awhile since I covered any Ecofascist global warming nonsense. However, funny-polar-bear-pic-img121_editedafter my last post (scroll down to Global Warming Frosts Me) I got energized to look into the dark world of Ecofascism once again, but now I wish I had not done so. While searching blogs that cover Ecofascism, I noticed some of the funniest headlines I have seen in quite sometime concerning Global Warming.

Just for fun, here are a few headlines that deal directly with the issue of Global Warming.

Are Southern California’s Wildfires a Harbinger of Worst Things to Come Under Climate Change?

Are There Just too Many People in the World?

90 Year-Old Giant Tortoise Mates, Stunning Experts

Quantum of Solace: James Bond Goes Green!

We Need Change Animals Can Believe In

Time To Mothball The Butterball!

Are The California Wildfires A Sign Of Climate Trouble?

These headlines were quite enough for me, so I never even bothered to read the articles. Maybe next time.



For an indepth look at what makes Obama tick, I suggest you read this.

Why Obama Scares The Crap Out Of Me



5 responses

18 11 2008

Hey Gio…those are hilarious…

I for one am so sick of Global Warming BS…I cannot read anymore about any of this most times, what they did the other night during half-time more than infuriated me, why oh why cannot these twits just go back to what half-time used to be…

Oh never mind silly me, the nut-case leftists have an Al Gore agenda, now O and McC will be sure to impose the Cap and Trade on all of us…ect ect

(I don’t even want to get into illegal immigration, what I fought hard against is going to also be crammed down our throats…McC will be getting even now won’t he)

I truly do not know how anyone is going to be able to afford any of this that is coming down the road…

The new Congress is now going to be using a seldom used (only once before) fast track law that was put in during will undo all laws that they see fit to undo since may of last year…regulations on environ. endangered species act, clean water BS, oil, on and on…they will be able to do what O can’t with his EO’s and undoing the ones he can of Bush’s.

We are forked…

Here is the link about the fast track coming to a town near you…bye bye small businesses everywhere.

18 11 2008


Why am I not surprised?!

BTW… I live in the South and we are expecting a high of 38 degrees today, and then going down to 18 degrees tonight. Please, bring on Global Warming!!!

18 11 2008

Hey Gio…

You and me both, of course in your area, like I saw some posters in the Texas area yesterday saying it was in the 30’s temp wise which they said is rare…

Yeah, global warming my arse.

Btw Gio, and as an aside, since I haven’t any other way to get a hold of you…I cannot get the other site at all today…how about you?

18 11 2008


Thank God, I thought I was the only one having trouble getting on the site and have been working like crazy to see if it was a problem on my end.

Maybe…. just maybe, the country is so damn cold from Global Warming that transmission lines are freezing 😉

19 11 2008

Here is who is responsible for one of the wildfires in CA:

This global warming bunk is getting so out of hand, you just have to laugh. In CA you could stare at the dry brush the wrong way and start a fire.

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