Biggest Voter Fraud In History Of USA

11 10 2008

The video below begs the question: “Obama, What Are You Hiding?”.

Major h/t goes out to Eowyn for posting the following YouTube link in the Comments section.

If Obama does not answer the questions raised in this video prior to the elections, he may pull off the biggest voter fraud in history!

You can help!

Rally Congress

Below is a petition someone started to get Congress to settle the Berg lawsuit by having Senator Obama present the records requested. The real story is why Obama is fighting the case and not just producing the documents.

Here is the link to the petition;

So far Mr. Obama has refused to produce the documents and is trying to fight the court order to produce the documents.
Any American should be able to prove citizenship in less than a day. Why can’t Mr. Obama?

Here is a link to the actual court documents –

A constitutional crisis will rip our country apart. If this is not cleared up now we will have a crisis. If you care at all about America you must call for Mr. Obama to produce the documents and prove that he is eligible to be President.





27 responses

13 10 2008

This is the true ugly face of Obama supporters. Ed Raven wrote: “If Obama loses, we won’t cry. We’ll let our voices be known. New York will burn.”

I rest my case.

13 10 2008

And there you have it
“Obama loses, we won’t cry. We’ll let our voices be known. New York will burn.”

d there you have it, the stupid fucks as usual will burn their own neighborhoods…………….you think cops will let ya below 96 st Bawwwhaaaaa………Listen cmon down to Fla. We cling real good to God and our Guns……….You Racist Mother Fucker, Pig…………Sorry to all for language, but him I shoot in head if he burns anything…………your a scumbag and guarantee will be in back of pack, not up front cause junior you have no Balls……….You are a lazy no good welfare queen……..Die Fucker, You burn my country………..Steve

If Obama loses, we won’t cry. We’ll let our voices be known. New York will burn.

13 10 2008

Aha. I see you’ve met my yes-man friend, Ed Raven.

He’ll make you think with rational arguments from time to time, but otherwise he’s just around for the comic relief. Take his comments with a barrel of salt.

13 10 2008

More fearmongering…Obama produced his Hawaiian birth certificate months ago so he is a natural citizen (anyone can see it here:, he’s over 35 year old, and he’s lived here for more than 14 years…just like the US constitution states. How is that not qualified to be president?

McCain wasn’t even born in the US (he was born in the Panama region), so why bring up these hatemongering topics? To distract from the real issues? Are you just regurgitating whatever you see on YouTube or do you actually research these topics before you post?

13 10 2008


It is *you* who’s “just regurgitating whatever you see” & hear from the Obama camp. Take a good look at the supposed Obama birth certificate posted by the DNC, & you’ll see that missing are the attending physician’s & nurse’s signatures. That certificate is not the “vault” original, but some copy.

Since you think you’re so superior, just ask yourself this question: Why won’t Obama & the DNC just settle attorney Berg’s federal lawsuit by producing, in court, a certified copy of the original birth certificate?

What are you so afraid of. The truth?

15 10 2008

and btw, Eowyn — before you start accusing ME of “regurgitating” stuff from the Obama camp, you can rest assured that I spend a good deal of time looking into and paying attention to what is going on from both sides and points between.

in fact, i’m watching FOX news right now; i listen to Rush Limbaugh (and have for many years), as well as gathering plenty of other news and information from sources on both the right AND the left… that’s what I do. Because looking into these issues from both sides is the only way to find the truth, which invariably lies somewhere in between… though in this case, I am certainly seeing more people playing far faster and looser with the facts on the Republican side.

and that Brit Hume’s laugh is about as creepy as McCain’s smile…

15 10 2008

oh, and one more thing… LOTS of people don’t have a “vault original” of their birth certificate, for any of a number of reasons, so don’t put so much stock in that as some sort of proof of validity…

my original birth certificate was lost many years ago, and the original copy I had was lost in a fire in 1982. I got another copy ten years later, and that’s what’s in my bank safe deposit box. that copy is nothing like the original, but it IS real and valid, and properly stamped by the issuing agency.

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