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20 09 2008

There has been an awful lot of hate going around this week so I thought I would do a review to see exactly who, and what, the left hates this week. And boy oh boy, this has been a doozey of a week for the liberals spreading the hate around. I’ve even had a few write to me privately and express their hatred towards me and this site. Have no fear, I take these types of inspiring messages from the left as badges of honor. The way I look at it, if I’m pissing them off that badly, I must be making a difference.

The topics below are in no particular order, even though some are more important than others. One of the things I had to do was decide how far down the hatred trail I would go with the comments. There seems to be 3 catagories of hate. Mild, Moderate, and INSANE! The insane comments had too much vulagarity in them so I had no choice but to go with Mild to Moderate.

Please leave a comment as to which subject is the most important to you. This will give me an idea as to the subjects I should cover. Thanks, and as always, enjoy!

The most hate seems directed at John McCain so it’s as good a place to start as any…

“McCain know this is his last chance to fullfill his obsession of becoming President so he will stoop lower than doggie doo to win.”
– Posted by M.G.

“The difference here is McCain is running for President and he ought to be ashamed of himself.”
– Posted by S.V.

Now the left hates anyone, especially McCain, that isn’t black. Strange but true!

“I have a sense that the crowds who rally to McCain’s political appearances are in large part racist.”
– Posted by N.K.

“So why would McCain use the black guy (which is the wrong guy) over the white guy? RACISM”

“Race. America would rather shoot itself in the foot before it would elect one of the most intelligent and able men that this country has produced who seeks the highest office in the land.”
– Posted by M.B.

“And in desperation,
MCain goes…where only few ships have ever gone before…
Race, the final frontier.”
– Posted by S.J.

Now the hate includes both John McCain and Sarah Palin. I’m shocked! I included the next one because I could not tell from his post if he means doing something illegal or just running his mouth. Either way, I hope the Secret Service is visiting him this evening.

“THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW !!!!!!!!!!
The McCain/ Palin ticket is a disgrace to the Republican Party and to the nation. Decency demands that they be removed now before it is too late”
– Posted by R.

Time to pick on Sarah.

“You know she didn”t get up there by herself, she doesn”t belong up there, she doesn”t know what to do while she is up there, and you just wonder what kind of dumb *** put her up there to begin with.”
– Posted by S.I.S.

“I thought I waa the only one who recognized the unholy ambition of that woman from the tundra.”
– Posted by A.R.B.

Never really considered anyone hating Gov. Palin’s husband, so these were a surprise.

“I’ve never seen the camera pay so much attention to a Fisherman on stage… He should get off the stage and go home and take care of his down syndrone son.”
– Posted by P.H.N.

“McCain should watch his back. Palin is already aiming the knife to stab him in the back. Palin and First Dud already have fantasies about the White House.”
– Posted by A.N.

The next two are hate filled coments about the South. Who knew that folks hated the South? Oooops, I forgot about elitist snobs.

“you should also consider the reality of this nation’s history and the people’s mind-set.  I have lived in the south, these people are still in the civil war mind set, and will die before ever consider changing to be a united people with the rest of the states.”
– Posted by M.A.P.

“It’s sad how this country has marched backwards into Redneckville where Dixie flags fly with racial epithets.”
– Posted by O.Y.

Now this is funny… I know it has nothing to do with hate, but I had to include because the statement below is so incredibly dumb!

“When someone quotes Andrea Mitchell, you know her information has been fact checked”
– Posted by J.S.

Of course Fox News had to make the list. Liberals hate Fair and Balanced reporting! They would much rather listen to the hateful insane rantings of Keith Olberman.

“That’s the trouble with Fox, they demand respect one day, and destroy their credibility the next.”
– Posted by J.S.

“Fox” & ” News” are mutually exclusive words so there is no way that they could have a non-partisan correspondent.”
– Posted by H.H.

Only one comment of liberal hate towards Rush because I already covered that yesterday. See here.

“Clearly those of us who read-between-the-lines
can get beyond Rush’s hyperbole and unmask this sad media figure”
– Posted by J.S.

I only added this one shot across the bow at our president. The hatred towards him is historical and it would take years to cover this much hate.

“When GW Bush asks our Congress for NEW FAR-REACHING POWERS, what the hell is that, but a Republican King thirsting for more power?”
– Posted by F.N.M.

Hating on Christians is a rite of passage for liberals.

“The Christianists, as Andrew Sullivan calls them, yes I agree with you, there is a lot of racism in that crowd.”
– Posted by N.K.

They just had to get in one more lick on McCain.

“I’d like to save him the energy and kick him myself…just because he is Mccain.”
– Posted by M.D.

Hating on Bankers seems just a tad stupid. Other than a Credit Union, where do these people bank at, the Daily Kos?

“This is a time to condemn the bankers, not to embrace them.”
– Posted by J.M.

Hating the Gipper. I wish these people would leave dead people alone.

“Our current financial disaster is the real legacy of the Reagan Revolution”
– Posted by J.M.

I was really shocked by the next one. But soon realized I love the idea of liberals eating their own.

“Our tax dollars are paying Pelosi and her gang to sidetrack us from a “REAL” energy bill.”
– Posted by M.T.M.


Well that’s all the hate I could stand for one post. If and when I add to the list I will let you know. Or I may just wait until another week goes by. I’m sure the Democrat loving left will not let us down.

If you have any suggestions that would make this site better or more appealing, please contact me here and I will consider all ideas. Thank you.



10 responses

20 09 2008
Joe C.

These people live in an alternate reality where everyone is a caricature of their own paranoia. They have a genetic disability to recognize irony and hypocrisy in themselves; yet find it everywhere that it doesn’t exist. These undermedicated mental patients can believe in global warming caused by plant food, but not that terrorists caused 9/11. They can believe that an unaccomplished Marxist street agitator cum patron saint of affirmative action is a political Messiah, but not that the best governor in the country is qualified for VP.

When Palin/McCain win in an electoral landslide, these people are going to snap. There will be race riots let by the racists against the colorblind of society, and violence by the anti-war crowd blamed on the protectors of freedom. We are truly on our way through the looking glass.

20 09 2008

As long as we have racist black people who only vote for black people, we will have white people who only vote for white people. I love how racism only comes in one color.

20 09 2008


Your last paragraph is the biggest worry I have in the upcoming election. I’m starting to get the feeling that what you said about riots may come true. This is a perfect set-up for Anarchists and Race baiters to take advantage of a situation. All they have to do is spread rumors that encourage people that the fix was in, and it was all done by whitey.

I pray this does not happen, but it won’t keep me from voting for the candidate/s of my choice. I have my own criteria as to why I will vote for a person, and color has never been part of the equation. I won’t vote for Obama because I disagree with his white half. FYI… I’m white. In fact, the vast majority of Conservatives I have known in my life do not care about color. It’s all about the content of the persons character!

20 09 2008

I’m black and I am still voting McCain/Palin for the mere fact that I know quality over a snow job when I see it. God forbid if there are riots please understand that not all of “US” are out there with torches and pitchforks.

I will pray calmer heads (and the National Guard if necessary) will prevail.

Conservative and proud of it.

21 09 2008


Nobody with a clear mind would ever think that all blacks would riot. If any do think like that, then they are simply ignorant. Plus, I believe this time there will be plenty of whites that would join in because they have been brainwashed. College age kids especially.

21 09 2008

Sorry dude did not mean for it to come out like I was taking a shot at ya it was just a comment.

All in all I’m afraid that this election is going to be the excuse that all the nuts out there has been waiting for that excuse is going to get a lot of good people hurt or worse.

Keep up the posts and tighten those safety belts I think were all going to need it.

21 09 2008

Like the other posters here, I also fear much trouble if Obama loses. In fact, I’ve been waking every morning with a sense of foreboding. Of course, that won’t deter me from voting for McCain-Palin. To do otherwise would be to conceded to blackmailing. The following is from a recent article by Peggy Noonan, “A Servant’s Heart’,” WSJ, September 6, 2008 :

“Everyone really ought to stop, breathe deep, and think. I am worried they won’t. A friend IM’d the day after Palin’s speech, and I told him of an inexplicable sense of foreboding. He surprised me by saying he shared it. ‘Calling all underworlds reporting for duty!,’ he wrote. ‘The bed is about to fly around the room, the puke is about to come out.’ He meant: this campaign is going to engage unseen powers and forces.”

22 09 2008

A lot of people do not understand that no matter who wins life will go on with that said It scares me too knowing that the anarchist are just reading themselves to pounce if Obama don’t win. All I can say is that in the urban areas (NYC,Chicago,LA) people will die when the Sh** hit the fan if the proper authority fail to act. Any Governor and mayor of these cities would be out of their minds not to prepare for the coming dangers.

25 09 2008
Mental Giant

If Obama wins, we get socialism and the already weak economy gets weakened even more, if Obama loses we get wailing and gnashing of teeth, along with race riots. Some choice!

2 02 2015
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